The last song I want to talk about from the latest EP is 0334. 

I don’t have much to say, even though it’s my personal favorite from the EP. 

I wrote it late one night, feeling a bit sentimental and very grateful for having the best kids in the world. 0334 stands for the time my first son was born. 7th of march 03:34. 

A while ago I made a little video for the song. Nothing fancy, just me playing around with the time lapse function on my GoPro camera. 

You can watch it here!

If you just want to listen to the song. Well, here it is!

Day one & Day two

So, here’s the next two songs from the latest EP. 

Day one. 

Day two. 

These two songs were written I may when my band Rimstad Rockerz had an entire week with shows at Nydala theater in Malmö. Before every show we do there I usually have some of my piano music in the background before the show while people are taking their seats. When we did the same thing in February I played my song Years to come through the speakers, but you get pretty tired of hearing the same song over and over again for five days straight. 

So, I decided to challenge myself (as I tend to do). 

How about I write a new song every day, and play it in the backgrund the day after?

Sounds good right?

It was a pretty hectic week, so I only managed to write two new songs. Day one, and Day two. I repeated them for the next couple of days. 

So, here they are!


There has been some confusion regarding my ”artist name” recently, so here’s a small explanation.

On my latest two releases (at least on Spotify) both my artist name (Sleepy songs) and my real name (Johan Eckman) is written as ”artist” on every song. NOT on the releases though, only the songs.

I asked Spotify about this, and their very simple reply was that because it’s release under the classical genre, both the performing artist and the composer is written as ”artist”. Simple as that! Makes sense, at least if you think of classical music as in Mozart. His work is probably on Spotify but not with him as the performing artist 😀

Another really confusing thing is that I’m apparently not the only one in the world with the name Johan Eckman. There is another guy. I think he lives in America and makes dance music. Pretty far from the kind of music I make.

I have tried to make Spotify separate my releases from his which worked for my Piano pt6 EP. I have contacted them again regarding the latest releases, and hopefully they will be moved to the right profile on Spotify soon.

I hope this clarifies things.

I am sleepy songs.


So, my new EP is out now! I wanted to write a couple of words about the songs from the EP, starting with the oldest song. 

Skärgården was originally written last summer and released on my EP v31. The previously released version has more instruments on it though (double bass and drums), and on this new version it’s only piano. I actually wanted to release the piano solo version of the song on the EP Piano pt.6, but that would have made it a full length record (which costs more to release than an EP, yeah, I am that cheap). On the new EP, Spring, I kind of had a spot open and the song actually fits better on this EP than my last one. 

The song is inspired by a day trip I took together with my wife and my kids to an island called Styrsö right outside Gothenburg. It was one of the days when the weather was nice that week. Sun was up, we ate ice cream, swum in the ocean.

It’s also one of few Sleepy Songs I remember how to play! I usually work really hard with recording a song, and then forget how it was played when it’s finished… But this song I play every now and then!

I hope you enjoy it!


And if you’re curious how the songs sounds in a more ”jazzy” version, you can listen to it here:


The music industry is all about streaming nowadays… Spotify here. Apple Music there.

I did upload my latest EP on a page called Musikka because I like their way of thinking about the music industry!


If you wanna support a struggling musician; buy!

If you wanna stream it later because that suits you better on the go; at least you have contributed and I’m forever grateful! And Spotify is all about statistics, so I thank you for the streams as well!


(I even lowered the price a little bit until Sunday.)