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    Spotted: ABBOTT – First Steps

    Today I’m introducing you to the latest track First Steps by the dutch composer ABBOTT, which you can read more about here. Abbott lives and works in Hamburg, Germany and makes music for film and “commercial music”.

    The track First steps was released on the album Somnia on the 15th of may, 2020.

    Tell us something about your track First steps!
    Even though ‘First Steps’ is the second track of the album, it is the real beginning. It represents all the colors I’m using in terms of instrumentation and orchestration. The song is about the story of life. From our first steps to our last, how life picks you up slowly and carries us through. From first steps that are taken alone and first steps that are taken together. This all puts us through a melancholic narrative with a warm and a nostalgic feel. I wanted to create a soundworld where you immediately fall into and what carries you through this story. I wanted it to be melancholic but overall hopeful and positive.

    Thank you very much for sending me this track!

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    Spotted: ABBOTT, 2WEI, Luna Morgenstern – The Encounter

    Today I’m introducing you to the latest release by ABBOTT. He has collaborated on the track with the people mentioned above. ABBOTT himself comes from Hamburg in Germany, and I have written about his music before, which can be found here.

    ABBOTT works as a composer, and makes music for himself on his free time.

    The track The Encounter is released as a single.

    Tell us something about your latest track The Encounter!
    This song was a collaboration with the amazing Luna Morgenstern. We met studying music in the Netherlands. She was in my year and already an amazing singer-songwriter. In the winter of 2017 she was interning in Hamburg at the company where I was working and in our free time we would just Jamm together and try things out. I remember giving her this chords scheme. She was just trying things when all of the sudden this beautiful strong vocal melody came out. We both immediately had this ’this is it’! Moment. Together we created the harmonizations and she improvised all other vocal melodies. It was amazing, we had the whole structure in just one night. This was in 2017! In the course of the years this song completely underwent a journey in the form of the sound world and the arrangement. But just this year I finalized it and send it to Luna, who luckily, loved it. And that’s the story of how the Encounter was created.And as cherry on the pie the song got featured in a wonderful short film from Marko Roth!

    Thanks for sharing your music with us once again ABBOTT!

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    Spotted: ABBOTT – Shuffle

    Today I’m introducing you to ABBOTT, the dutch composer living in Hamburg. You might know him from this post about a previous release. ABBOTT works as a composer for film and TV and every now and then he finds time to make music for his own purposes.

    This song is released as a single but will also be featured on an upcoming album.

    Tell us something about your song Shuffle!
    The song is about being positive and having an accepting mindset in moments that are challenging in life. It’s probably one of the ‘lightest’ songs of the album.When I first wrote the song it was a dark sad piano melody but I didn’t want to write another sad song. When I played the melody more lightly and in shuffle the song started to feel right. It basically has these two theme’s which repeat after each other and that, with addition of a string orchestra, were the groundworks of the song. I’ve worked pretty long on the string arrangement to get every line just right and at the recordings everything just came to life. That was such a special moment for me, because as a composer you’ll learn so much from hearing other musicians play your music. I’ve never experienced something like that. That was incredible!

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    Spotted: ABBOTT – Never been away

    Today I’m introducing you to ABBOTT, a dutch composer based in Hamburg, Germany. ABBOTT loves classical music and is also a huge film nerd (cineast might be a better word?).

    When my friends were listening to Pharell Williams and Bruno Mars I was listening to the soundtrack of the Shawshank Redemption and Forrest Gump.

    He works as a composer for the entertainment industry but occasionally finds time to write music for himself.

    Tell us something about your track Never been away!
    I would compose on my old, out-of-tune piano I got from my parents. They brought it all the way over from the Netherlands to my studio in Germany. When I finish a general idea of a song I’ll go and arrange the strings. That’s really my favorite part of the process. I really like the piano but my heart belongs to the strings. After two years of working on it, I finally finished all of the songs and I’m going to release my debut album end of this year. The album is going to be Neo-Classical but more theatrical and cinematic. Influences range from Max Richter to Jóhann Jóhannsson. The sound in general is organic and dark, melancholic and intimate, and are marked by my love towards film music. 

    ‘Never Been Away’ is the first single of this album. It’s inspired by an old Irish love story. It doesn’t have a happy end but it is also not a sad story. I’m not going to get in too much detail because I really like if my listeners make up there own stories in their heads. 

    Thank you for sharing this with us!

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