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    Spotted: Matt Tondut – Oliver’s Nocturne

    Today I’m presenting you to the latest track, Oliver’s Nocturne, bu the Australian composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Matt Tondut. Matt grew up in a household where the parents played instruments, and he started playing the piano at a young age. He’s nan tough him to read music and that started a long love for classical music.

    The track Oliver’s nocturne was released as a single on the 16th of October, 2020.

    Tell us something about the track Oliver’s Nocturne!
    Oliver’s Nocturne was essentially a lullaby piece I wrote for my first born son. I composed this whilst my wife was pregnant with him and have been playing it regularly at home when I sit down to tinker. It took 5 years for me to get around to recording it and releasing it to the public but here we are!It was released on Friday the 16th of October.Since I now have a baby daughter, Charlotte’s Nocturne is also on the cards and due for release in mid November.

    Thank you Matt for sharing this Nocturne with us!

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    Spotted: Matt Tondut with Lauge – Winter Walks (Piano Version)

    Today I’m presenting you to the latest track by Matt Tondut and (Henrik) Lauge. We have previously met Lauge on the blog, so let’s focus on presenting the new name!

    Matt Tondut is a a multi-instrumentalist from Australia who started to play piano at the age of eight and then added guitar to his arsenal!

    The track Winter Walks was released as a single on the 28th of march of 2020.

    Tell us something about the track Winter Walks!
    Me & Lauge have collaborated a number of times on Ambient tracks. This release was actually a revisit of the original piano sketch composed by me when working out a progression for their Ambient collaborative piece Winter Walks. Wanting to celebrate World Piano Day on March 28, we revisited the sketch and came up with the piano solo piece presented here today. It was initially inspired from a Ski trip I went on after a long walk I took through the snow. It is soft and slightly melancholic and given that it is composed from a sketch intended for an Ambient track, very minimilistic.

    Thank you Matt and Lauge for sending me this track!

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