About me

My name is Johan Eckman, 35 years old, living in Malmö, Sweden. I’ve been playing music since I was about 14 when I started playing drums and electric guitar. When I went to gymnasiet (which kind of compared the the American High School) I studied music with guitar as my main instrument (since I wanted to get better at playing the guitar) and drums as my second instrument (because I though it was easier to learn the drums just by playing drums myself). My last year I choose piano as my main instrument, even though I hadn’t played piano at all before. I wanted to learn more! So, I studied jazz-piano for my last year in high school.

After high school I was pretty tired of playing instruments and learning other peoples songs, so at the university I studied music production (and songwriting). At first one year at Ingesunds music university, and then two more years at Växjö University. I continued playing drums with a couple of bands, but eventually I went on to just do studio work.

In 2011 I wrote the music to the Swedish children’s book Prinsessans Rockband (listen on Spotify) which sold in over 10.000 copies and gave me a gold record in the Children’s music category.

That was about the same time as I started playing the piano again. The full history about Sleepy Songs can be read here, but in short I needed music to calm the kids down at work during nap time (I work as a pre-school teacher for kids in the ages of 1-5 years old).

In the summer of 2018 I got my first “real” placement on a pretty big Spotify playlist which gave me motivation to try harder to get my piano music out there.

When I had my revival that summer, I came across a ton of nice people which shared the love for piano music. They were all really halvfull and gave me advice on how to promote the music, and where to promote it. This gave me the idea of starting my blog series Behind the piano where piano artists and composers get a chance to introduce themselves.

And thats pretty much where I am right now.