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    Spotted: Dissolve in Sepia – Between Violet and Green

    Today I’m introducing you to Ramon Fassina and his project Dissolve in Sepia and the latest track Between Violet and Green. Ramon is an Brazilian composer and producer who uses synthesizer, tape loops and field recordings as main components in his music. .

    Beyond Violet and Green is the closing track on Mystery Circles Compilation Vol. 1, a vinyl + digital release featuring 10 unique experimental / ambient / synth composers.

    Tell us something about your track Between Violet and Green!
    The track came from an improvisation I did in August 2018 – I have a lot of unfinished music sitting on my hard drive. Things that ended up not seeing the light of day for whatever reason – I stumbled on it a few days after you invited me to join in the compilation project. It was a happy accident that made me realize how important is to revisit previous ideas and put those on new perspectives. The final result is very different compared to the original track. It’s like I could see the emotional place I was at that time and rebalance those feelings to fit in this place I am now, if that makes sense. For me this track is all about life changes and vulnerability, accepting that not everything is in our control. It’s like a farewell note that reminds you that your heart is in the right place and you need to keep looking things on the bright side and everything will be fine.

    Thank you Ramon for sharing this with us!

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    Spotted: Moonsoul – To Dust

    Today I’m introducing you to the Indian composer Cyrus. Cyrus is currently located in Dubai! When Cyrus grew up he was watching Chris Martin from Coldplay play the piano which inspired him to start playing himself.

    The track To Dust was released as a single in mid march of 2020.

    Tell us something about your track To Dust!
    I was working on another track when this (To Dust) came through (from wherever music comes through) one night. I wanted the track to sound and feel melancholic, but yet hopeful at the same time. Much like how life is. Up and down. Writing this piece was a cathartic experience for me and I hope whoever listens to it can resonate with it on some level.

    Thank you for sharing this with us Cyrus!

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  • Stories

    Spotted: Methyl Lily – Purple Ghost

    Today I’m introducing you to the American multi-instrumentalist and producer Tyler Wells Lynch from Maine. Tyler makes music under the stage name Methyl Lily and has made music for a couple of years.

    The track is released on the album Rhododendron which came out late February of 2020.

    Tell us something about the track Purple ghost!
    This track is off of my latest album, “Rhododendron,” which was released in late February. It emerged from a bout of depression I suffered last year, something I’ve often tried to work through in my music. The initial ambient sound was produced by slamming a string synth with layers and layers of harmonic distortion, tape saturation, and reverb. 

    Thank you Tyler!

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  • Spotted!

    Spotted: Philippe Paquet – Révérence: III

    Today I’m introducing you to the Canadian composer Philippe Paquet from Québec. Philippe started out playing guitar at the age of 13, and music became his “main thing”. After playing jazz guitar for many years, Philippe took a bachelors degree in Classical music.

    The song Révérence: III is released on the EP with the same name, and came out in February of 2020.

    Tell us something about your track Révérence: III!
    This piece is a reverence to my grandfather. The three movements are for me a way to describe my relationship with him in a way words can’t.

    Thank you Philippe!

  • Spotted!

    Spotted: Khyaam Haque – Most Things Are Beautiful

    Today I’m introducing you to the latest track Most things are beautiful by the Chicago based artist, multi-instrumentalist, composer and audio engineer Khyaam Haque. Khyaam is originally an guitarist since the age of eleven, but has made ambient piano music for the past five years.

    The track Most things are beautiful is taken from the album with the same name which was released on the first of march 2020.

    “Most Things Are Beautiful” is the title track and last track on the album “Most Things Are Beautiful” which was just released on March 1st.

    Tell us something about your track Most things are beautiful!
    Most Things Are Beautiful started out as a poem written by a dear friend, Thom Bernasol. It was created on a summer day, while sitting on a porch and talking about how our twenties were nearing it’s end. I wanted to create an album where the track list read as a poem, and reflected moments and experiences I went through during that decade.

    Thank you for sending this my way Khyaam!

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  • Behind the piano

    Behind the piano: John Hayes

    I have previously posted about the release Eight for a wish by the American composer John Hayes. And he is also mentioned in as one of the favorite piano artists by both Philip Daniel and Philip G Anderson. That would make anyone curious, right?! So now it’s time to get to know John a bit better!

    Where are you from? And where do you live?
    I am from Lakeville, Minnesota, just outside of Minneapolis. Now I live and work in Minneapolis. 

    How long have you been playing the piano, and do you play other instruments as well?
    I have been playing the piano since I was 8 or 9 years old. I don’t remember the exact age but it has been quite some time! I play a number of different synthesizers as well.I also play the saxophone,  however, that has not made it into any recordings…yet 🙂

    Tell us about how you started playing music. 
    My parents made me play haha! It seemed to be just a part of everyday life growing up, come home from school, homework, then the piano. Surprisingly, I was not fond of playing the piano around this  time. I would have much rather been outside playing baseball or running around with friends.

    How long have you been making piano music?
    I have been writing my own little tunes and melodies since I was about 11 or 12, however, it wasn’t until about a year ago I released anything. I think it took a good amount of time and a certain amount of courage to finally be ready to share my music. 

    Tell us something about that moment you realized you could make songs yourself!
    I don’t know if it was one specific moment. As my lessons growing up intensified and teachers became more and more strict, I became less interested in traditional training. During practice time, I would  be trying to come up with my own tunes or trying to recreate a melody I had heard from a movie I had seen the night before. I eventually dropped out of formal lessons and really spent some time away  from the piano for a couple years. It wasn’t until I picked things back up, about 7-8 years ago that I really started to enjoy the piano and realizing I could write songs for myself. 

    What are your favorite artists in this “piano genre”?
    It really changes quite frequently! Right now I have been listening to a lot Francois Couturier and Valentin Silvestrov. 

    Is there one song which you play over and over again as soon as you sit down by a piano?
    Nothing specific. It is usually my own music nowadays. If I am writing, I usually start with a melody that I have been working on. Things begin to develop over time and if I am still excited about it, that is  how I usually know I am on to something.

    What rules (in making music) needs to be broken?
    In order to make something great, all the rules need to be broken. (I’m not taking credit for that quote, it sounds like something someone else has said before by some snooty painter haha) But really, I  think knowing the rules is the first important thing and something that gets overlooked. From there you can begin to experiment and consciously step outside them. This is usually when you find  your best work. 

    How do you record your music?
    I have my own studio, “Emerson Studio” that I record out of. 

    Whats your take on sampled instruments?
    Instrument libraries can be great. Before I was able to buy my own piano that was all I used. The thing with samples and libraries though is that there are an INFINITE number of them. So many  choices can lead to decision paralysis. One day you like the sound of this library, the next day a new one comes out and you have to try that one. There is no real commitment since everything can just  be changed with one click. I like the idea of really committing to your sound and then developing it which is hard to do with a sample. Real instruments have their own personalities as well that sample  libraries just don’t have. Trying to learn how to capture those personalities in recordings or bring them to life in performances is something that I really connect with. 

    The last question is asked by my 5 year old son:
    Where do all your songs come from? 
    That is a great question! It is hard to know where they come from really. Some days music just comes out of you and you feel like a genius, some days you feel like you need someone to explain to you  where middle C is. I have a quote next to my piano from Rick Rubin that reads: “Being a great artist means practicing being in touch with the information already inside you.” That really sums it up for  me. I think my songs come from when I am able to identify that I am connecting with something I am playing and being able to work with those emotions that are coming out on the piano. 

    Anything else you want to share? 
    I hope you are staying warm up there in Sweden! 

    Thanks John! Winter never really came to my part of Sweden this time, so I am grateful!

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  • Spotted!

    Spotted: Pitch Accurate – Luminosity

    Today I’m introducing you to the composer Markus Lootsman and the project Pitch Accurate and the track Luminosity. Markus started writing music when he was only 8 years old:

    or rather, preferred to play what came to mind rather that listening to my teacher

    Markus worked on the financial market up until a couple of years ago when he finally decided to focus all his working hours into making music.

    The track Luminosity was released as a single early march of 2020.

    Tell us something about your track Luminosity!
    The broad outline of this composition was originally written on my daughters toy keyboard and seemed to work well as a lullaby for her. I always had a sense of something haunting or mildly bizarre, something like an odd circus or similar in mind when writing the main elements of the track. After initial ambitious plans for the arrangement I settled for the most simple piano arrangement to allow the melody and the sound of the piano to speak for itself. 

    Thank you Markus!

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    Spotted: Leonardo Cupelli – Liminal

    Today I’m introducing you to the Italian composer and piano player Leonardo Cupelli and his latest track Liminal. Leonardo has played the piano since the age of ten, and is classical schooled. After playing music by others for a while he started making his own music!

    The track Liminal was released as a single in early march, but will also be featured on an upcoming EP.

    Tell us something about your track Liminal!
    Liminal is the first track of an upcoming EP, this EP is mostly piano based with the addition of a string quartet and synths. I recorded all the tracks on my felt piano. I passed the lasts 6 month composing and searching for the perfect balance between mechanical noises and pure string sound.

    Thank you Leonardo for sending me this track!

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    Spotted: James Sizemore – Amuse Oreille

    Today I’m introducing you to the New York based composer James Sizemore. James has spent most of this musical career producing and orchestrating music for Hollywood movies.

    but I especially enjoy writing solo piano and chamber works which I started releasing in 2018.

    This track is both released as a single as well as being featured on the album While Being which will be out in March of 2020.

    Tell us something about your track Amuse Orielle!
    This piece, Amuse Oreille, is a “small taste” of my new album While Being. It showcases my rhythmic sensibilities with the undulating alternating time signatures. It is meant to capture the feeling when one Reminisces. . .One of those moments where we escape our rational and ever demanding minds, forgetting ourselves in a memory of the past. 

    Thank you for sharing this with us James!

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  • Spotted!

    Spotted: Illuminine – Dear, Limerence – Affan Rework

    Today I’m introducing you to the Belgian composer Kevin Imbrechts and his project Illuminine. Kevins main instrument is guitar and can’t play the piano, in contrast to most artists I post about here.

    Oh btw, I love Iceland. It’s my second home. That’s why all of my records are finished and mixed at Sigur Ros’ Sundlaugin Studio, just outside Reykjavik.

    This track is a part of a solo piano rework album, called Dear, Piano. 18 artists from all over the world made beautiful piano compositions of existing Illuminine tracks. The album will be released in August 2020. As from now, we’ll release a single every month.

    Tell us something about the track Dear, Limerence!
    Affan’s rework of ‘Dear, Limerence’ is a hidden gem. It’s a rework of one of my favourite Illuminine tracks. The first time I heard it, I fell in love with it. Also, the first time I heard Affan playing I immediately thought about working together, his style is very similar to Illuminine’s.

    Thank you for sharing this with us Kevin!

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