• Spotted!

    Spotted: Samuel Voyer – 10000 images

    Today I’m introducing you to the track 10000 images by the composer Samuel Voyer from Canada. Even though being an active composer for many years, Samuel has never before released music under his own name.

    The track 10000 images was released on the album with the same name on the 22nd of November, 2021.

    Tell us something about your track !
    The idea came to me after listening to the song Bang Bang (Sonny and Cher). I had this music in the back of my mind while I was working. I started improvising around it and it turned into something completely different. This happens to me often.

    Thank you Samuel!

  • Spotted!

    Spotted: Nathan S Madsen – Deciding Moment

    Today I’m introducing you to the American composer and piano player Nathan S Madsen and his track Deciding Moment. Nathan lives in Austin and works with game audio

    The track Deciding Moments was released as a single on the 25th of November, 2021.

    Tell us something about your track Deciding Moment!
    This track came about as I was improvising and came up with the opening motif. It just struck me as interesting. So I began developing it into what  you hear now. It was very improvisatory and done in one take. The way I try to think about solo piano composition is almost like placing someone in the middle of a movie scene where drama is already taking place. I think of pictures and settings a lot while playing or composing. It’s called “Deciding Moment” because the mood or vibe of the piece felt like a character was at a crossroads and unsure how to proceed. Perhaps even afraid to, at first. But during this piece, they’ve made up their mind. They know what they need to do. I hope you enjoy the piece!  

    Thank you for this Nathan!

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    Spotted: Andrei Poliakov – Sunflowers

    Today I’m presenting you with the track Sunflowers by the Russian composer and piano player Andrei Poliakov. Andrei has played the piano since the age of four, and has also played the oboe in the St-Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra. Ha has been making neoclassical piano music for the past three years.

    The track Sunflowers was released as a single on the 20th of November, 2021.

    Tell us something about your track Sunflowers!
    It feels a bit odd to release a tune called Sunflowers in the beginning of the winter. But at the same time, let’s admit it, we always long for the past – coming back to the good moments of our lives in the past and trying to relive them in the now.

    The summer of 2021 was full of hopes and expectations of a promised happiness: still at the backdrop of the world health crisis, hoping for the better future and waiting for the normal life to get back on track (as if it were possible at all)… Well, all of it has yet to happen, and we are now drilling into the winter with a bit frozen minds and stiff bodies, all our emotional power being well spent feeding the positive expectations for the future.

    So remembering the Summer is not a bad idea all in all, and what would be a perfect symbol of Warmth, Revival, Sunshine, Beauty, and Love? The Sunflower of course, the most peaceful and gorgeous flower on Earth! (subjective, I know).

    Let’s treat this little piano melody as a tribute to the Summer and to the Sunflowers, and then it will summon all the summer happiness, power, fun, and energy, inject it right into the now and we all will become stronger and happier to live through whatever this Winter brings us in its long sleeves!

    Thank you very much for this Andrei!

  • Spotted!

    Spotted: Linda Rum – Awake

    Today I’m introducing you to the German composer and piano player Linda Rum and the track Awake. Linda is classically trained since she was a child, and it all began with the piano.

    The track Awake was released as a single on the 15th of November, 2021.

    Tell us something about your track Awake!
    Awake is a musical description of the feeling while looking into the far, a feeling of hope and longing for your own visions and dreams in the future. An embrace of changing times and a welcome of moving forward, the next small steps to your own future path. 

    I wrote the song some years ago and recorded it on an old recording machine, left it there and found it some years later again. After hearing her song again I took Awake and recorded it on an old Blüthner piano at Zwischengeschoss studio in Hamburg with Christoph Klinger.

    Thanks Linda!

  • Spotted!

    Spotted: Helen Keeling-Marston – A Winter Lullaby

    Today I’m presenting you with the track A Winter Lullaby by the British composer and piano player Helen Keeling-Marston. Helen is a contemporary classical composer based in Hampshire who started making music back in 2016.

    The track A Winter Lullaby was released as a single on the 17th of November, 2021.

    Tell us something about your track A Winter Lullaby!
    This is a meditative, calm, wintery, festive felted piano lullaby. As it’s a lullaby, it has repeated phrases, but each is a bit different, rather like the unique, beautiful snowflakes that fall on a winter’s day.

    Thank you Helen!

  • Spotted!

    Spotted: Chris Gruchacz – When The Rain Speaks

    Today I’m introducing you to the American composer and piano player Chris Gruchacz and his track When the Rain Speaks. Chris is based in the Pacific Northwest and is mainly making music for video games and film. However, he always makes music “on the side” and one of those tracks we will be listening to today! Chris is classical trained and has degree in music and audio production. He also plays the trumpet, guitar and bass guitar.

    The track When the Rain Speaks was released as a single on November 15th, 2021.

    Tell us something about your track When the Rain Speaks!
    “When the Rain Speaks” was inspired by the autumn rain of the Pacific Northwest. Unlike most of my other work, I wasn’t trying to make a big statement with this one. Moreover, I wasn’t concerned with showcasing any kind of piano expertise. I don’t even consider myself a pianist – I just love the sound and versatility of the instrument. So I just wanted to compose something simple to offer my listeners a sense of peace and connection with the ever-changing world around us. 

    Thank you very much for this Chris!

  • Behind the piano

    Behind the piano: Yes It’s Ananias

    A while back I wrote about the track The third era by Yes It’s Ananias and today we go Behind the piano to get to know the person behind the project a bit better!

    What’s your real name? 
    Nicolas Sacha Streichenberg III.

    How did you come up with your artist name?
    In the Bible (the coolest story book ever) there are three different Ananias’ Stories. Listen to my second record and find out which one I got attached to.

    Where are you from? And where do you live?
    I am originally from planet earth, which I haven’t left yet. Maybe one day who knows. Currently living in Switzerland, a so called “Free Region”.

    How long have you been playing the piano, and do you play other instruments as well?
    I play Piano for myself since 4 years old. If you trust analog photography, there is a picture of me and my granddad who’s holding me tightly when I fit into Pampers.

    Tell us about how you started playing music. 
    I think I always was making bambams and dung dungs. So rhythm really was the first thing that hit me. Never left me. I play piano in a very sarcastic way. Sometimes The Piano tames a wild man, and sometimes it’s the other way around. I used to play in a Artrock Band for over 10 years and find myself at the roots of my genuine me and fingerstyled music: The Piano Keys. Now a new era is commencing and i find myself happy trying to put out 100% from the inner to the outer sphere. It’s also a risk of course.

    How long have you been making piano music?
    I sit on the piano and record for over 18 years, but only about now I’m really putting all my work into Solo Piano Music and experiment with Improvisation and Tour.

    Tell us something about that moment you realized you could make songs yourself!
    A cow fell into the pool in the 70’s house of my grandparent’s. Then I, for the first time, wrote english lyrics for it that were like poems. i was soft and charming 15 years old.

    What are your favorite artists in this “piano genre”?
    Currently i find myself in the great prog era with all kind of artists, like Rick Wakeman, Keith Jarrett, Joel Rehmann, Paula Präktig, Malakoff Kowalski, Chilly Gonzales and of course: Ken Hensley of Uriah Heep.

    Is there one song which you play over and over again as soon as you sit down by a piano? Your own or someone else’s? 
    Currently I’m trying to master Treizeta, as it’s just been an accident that I overcome technical issues and not to forget, the very sporty aspect of that new single. I was playing myself in trance with 43 attemps to improvise a theme, in the end I chose take 41 or so. My proudest moment is definetely Treizeta in the past couple weeks. It’s something that I’ve never done before and worked really hard to achieve such intensity and virtuosity. My bass hand almost broke.

    What rules (in making music) needs to be broken?
    The rules that there are rules. Music is a system that controls your body, therefore there are no rules to observe or correct your body. It’s all flow and genuine delateral prefrontal cortext activity that ruins your believes and doubts to fully follow a script.

    How do you record your music? Yourself? In a big studio? etc.
    There is nothing I haven’t yet tried. Maybe underwater recordings I haven’t done, allthough my producer Martin Hofstetter, who is known for his Theater/Big Stage/Opera House FOH-Work and Engineer-Techniques, has made recordings with hydrophones…

    Anything else you want to share? 
    I feel that we live in a world that is too connected. We do know too much of everybody else and loose touch with the inner self. how would a world look like if you only care what others feel, think, look, do, work, if you have no reference and no single clue about how you feel for yourself? In the today’s world we need to learn to detach. And that there is no time. There will always be time. But that’s future. Enjoy the moment and take care of yourself, only then you a re a useful help for others. You are your own atomic powerstation and if you learn to give to yourself, you will appreciate what’s there to be given to others. Value love that is naturally amongst us all. There is never enough time, so don’t worry. But there is always enough love. Therefore, enjoy my singles, upcoming studio record and see you on the otherside of the year. 2022 will be a fabulous one. Wake up! We live in the glamorous 20’s! Love as much as you can. Come to my shows, listen to my music and support your local everythings. Bandcamp is cool too. Peace.

    The last question is asked by my 7 year old son:
    Where do all your songs come from? 
    From my 7 year old myself. And that’s why I make music, It’s an obedience to my inner child that has the reflection of the world as I saw it back then. When I play my concerts I try to touch your inner child to let it revive days where we worried less. This world is moving so fast. But aren’t we human the motor of it? You got the keys to it. I got mine. 88 of them.

    Thank you Nicolas!

  • Spotted!

    Spotted: Taichi Chishaki – Nocturnes op.2

    Today I’m introducing you to the Japanese composer and piano artist Taichi Chishaki and the track Nocturnes op.2. Taichi is located in Tokyo and has played the piano since the age of six. He started writing his own compositions about 20 years ago and compares his music to great composers like Beethoven and Bach.

    The track Nocturnes op.2 was released as a single on the 16th of November, 2021.

    Tell us something about your track Nocturnes op.2!
    When I recorded this track, it was raining hard in Tokyo,So I was soaked in the rain. I recorded while shivering in the cold. My music was infulenced by Japanese Culture, Folk songs, Nou(能,Japanese traditional act)

    Thanks for sending this in Taichi!

  • Spotted!

    Spotted: Kevin Kerrigan – Midnight

    Today I’m presenting you with the track Midnight by the British composer Kevin Kerrigan. You can read everything there’s need to know about Kevin in this Behind the piano post. Kevin spends most of his time writing film scores to films that either doesn’t exist or hasn’t asked for a soundtrack; which is a fun way to explain what kind of music this is about!

    The track Midnight was released as a single on the 12th of November, 2021.

    Tell us something about your track Midnight!
    The composition process behind ’Midnight’ was not complicated or contrived,  I just played how I felt for an hour or so in the dark one night,  and tried to bottle a feeling that was in the air. I then listened to the improvisation the next morning and found a moment within the improvisation which seemed to capture something of that moment.

    Now it’s out there,  hope people can enjoy, I love it when visual artists,  writers etc write to say they listen to my work when creating,  so wonderful to be vicariously hanging out with them in their moments of creation too. 

    Thank you for sending me this track Kevin!

  • Spotted!

    Spotted: Canovass – Contained Bliss

    Today I’m introducing you to the spanish composer and piano player Canovass and the track Contained Bliss. Canovass wrote his fist song at the age of 10 but didn’t share his music with the world until much later.

    The track Contained Bliss was released as a single on the 18th of November, 2021.

    Tell us something about your track Contained Bliss!
    It’s about the kind of happiness that sometimes one has with its really good and special moments. 
    The fear to lost this state is showed in the tonality of C minor of my piece. Its structure has a chorus that is the most positive part but before has a sincoped section, repetied after with variation that is about the doubts and the cointained bliss.

    Thank you Canovass!