• Spotted!

    Spotted: Invadable Harmony – Elvenking’s Halls

    Today I’m introducing you to Invadable Harmony. I don’t really know who this person in since Invadable Harmony (IH) don’t want to reveal it’s identity. Very mysterious. IH is however a composer from Morocco.

    The song Elvenking’s halls is released as a single, but might be included on an album in the future. The single was released in April of 2019.

    Tell us something about your track Elvenkin’s halls!
    This fantasy medieval piece is inspired by Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit. The title of this piece refers to the halls of the elvenking “Thranduil”. These stunning halls were just inside a cave system in northern Mirkwood, in which King Thranduil and many of the Elves of Mirkwood lived during most of the Third Age and into the Fourth Age. The great cave had many passages and wide halls and was more wholesome than the goblin tunnels in the Misty Mountains. While most of the Elves lived in the woods the king’s halls served as his palace and treasure vault, and was also a fortress for the Elves in times of danger.

    Thank you for sharing this with us!

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  • Spotted!

    Spotted: Anna Yarbrough – Memory of you

    I have already introduced the fantastic composer Anna Yarbrough to you before. Her song Éire is a fantastic piece of music, and we did a great Behind the piano post together as well. Quick pitch: Anna is a piano player and composer from Belfast, Northern Ireland but now lives in New York City.

    This track is featured on Annas album Softer Sessions which is an album made for synchronization purposes, released in may 2019.

    I was asked to compile an album of solo piano pieces that were atmospheric and minimal in nature — perfect for use in the sync world.

    Tell us something about your track Memory of you!
    This particular track is an older one. I wrote it when I was living in Paris at the beginning of 2018, in a tiny loft AirBnB apartment. I think I initially wrote it for another TV pitch wherethey were looking for romantic underscore instrumentals. Nothing came of that particular pitch, but it was picked up by my current publisher not long after. We decided to hang on to it for the album!

    Thank you Anna for this wonderful piece of music!

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    Spotted: Dario Crisman – Endless Love

    Today I’m introducing you to Italian pianist and composer Dario Crisman based in the town Trieste. Dario has played the piano since he was a child and has a big interest in many different musical genres. I’ve seen his name flying by numerous times since he is signed by the label Blu Spiral Records which I have written about before (they are the people behind The Minimal Piano series).

    Tell us something about your song Endless love!
    The song I submitted is called Endless Love and is taken from the album Voyager, released on May 31st. I particularly love this piece, because it was one of the first I composed, when I was in my early twenties. At the time I listened to a lot of Anglo-Saxon music, in which there were many Celtic influences. In fact, this song sounds pretty Celtic and seems composed to be played by a harp. The sounds of the “unacorda”, piano that I discovered recently, suggested me to record the piece giving to it a more current sound. Moreover, it is certainly the shortest song I have ever written, as it does not exceed 2 minutes. I am very satisfied that something initially created more than 30 years ago has seen the light today, also because I have very positive memories of that period in which I began to take the first steps in music.

    Thank you for this Dario! And isn’t it great to revisit songs you wrote so long ago?!

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  • Stories

    About the name Sleepy Songs

    I have probably touched the subject before, but I don’t think I have ever explained why I choose the moniker Sleepy Songs in the first place.

    The story gets back to 2010 when I made the gold selling record Prinsessans Rockband with my uncle Per Gustavsson (you know; the guy who has made many of the drawings for my early covers). I wrote a really sad song, what would be called a lullaby (in Swedish godnattvisa). It was about the dragon who couldn’t go to sleepy because of all the scary things that kept him awake. We decided it was indeed a lullaby, but when we were about to find a name for the song we didn’t like the title Drakens vaggvisa (the dragons lullaby). Instead I suggested Drakens sovasång (the dragons sleepy song). Listen to it here!

    Shortly after this I started working with the piano songs that would later become my first album Först ska vi äta, sen sova och sen kommer pappa, and since I didn’t want to put my real name on the release I had to come up with some kind of artist name.

    And there it was; Sova-sånger (Sleepy Songs)!

  • Spotted!

    Spotted: William Ogmundson – I Will Return

    I have written about William Ogmundson before, here and here. Sometimes when I get submissions to write about, it feels like the music doesn’t even matter. Of course I always listen first, but the story behind a song can be good enough for itself. This was the case with Williams latest song I will return. I’ll let William explain.

    Tell us something about your track I will return!
    I Will Return was released as a single.  I wrote it when I was music directing fifth and sixth graders in Palestine this past April, and it was released May 31st.  I considered putting it on my new album La Vie en Couleurs but decided to let it stand alone. 

    I was really struck by the resilience and strength in the face of adversity (the Arabic word is “Sumud”) that the Palestinians displayed, and above all their kindness and hospitality.  The key is an important symbol in Palestine.  When many of them were driven from their homes in 1967 they locked their doors and took their keys with them, assuming they would come back at some point.  It’s been over fifty years and that obviously hasn’t happened, but the key is still a symbol of hope and the dove of course represents peace.  The image was inspired by a piece of artwork from a refugee camp in Bethlehem.  The artist had crafted it out of olive wood and a used tear gas canister.  I loved the idea of taking something awful and turning it into something beautiful.  

    I wrote the track when I was staying in the village of Kafr Ni’ma (just outside of Ramallah).  It was a strange dichotomy listening to the birds, the calls to prayer and all the other pastoral sounds of the village while also hearing in the distance the sounds of construction from the next hill over where the Israelis were building a huge new settlement. The idea with settlements is to build several in an area and then connect the dots, so to speak.  Whenever Palestinians see another settlement being created, there is naturally a sense of anger and profound sadness, as they gradually see their land and way of life slipping away.   I tried to capture all of this in a bittersweet song.  

    Thank you for this wonderful story William!

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    Spotted: It’s Kevin – Smoky Mountain National Park

    Today I’m introducing you to Kevin Hines, or as he introduced himself – Hi, It’s Kevin! Kevin is an American composer from Detroit who has been making music for as long as he can remember. He started playing the piano in elementary school and fell in love with it immediately. Later, Kevin moved on to plat saxophone, guitar, bass, and anything else he could get his hands on.

    This track is not what I would normally post about, even though Kevin makes piano music as well. But in the pitch for the song he told a pretty nice story; so we’ll move on to that one right away!

    Tell us something about you song Smoky Mountain National Park!
    One of the few things I love just as much as music is exploring new areas. I’ve always had this bug to just get away and explore the world and it always inspires me to write amazing music. During my most recent trip, I visited Smoky Mountain National Park, a breathtaking wonder of rolling mountains that take over the skyline. While I was there I decided I wanted to explore every National Park the United States has to offer and record a single inside of each one. People always take pictures to remember where they’ve been, I wanted to write a song. This song was recorded at “Max Patch” a mountain that has an absolutely breathtaking 360-degree view of mountains. I’ve attached the album art which showcases this amazing view!  I grabbed my microphone and laptop, hiked up the mountain, and started playing the Uke. I didn’t have anything written down to play, I just played what the scenery was showing me; a rolling cadence of highs and lows fading into a dramatic sunset. Once I got back to my cabin in the woods I mixed and added in all the accompanying parts in order to fully embrace in the sound of the mountains! 

    Will this song be featured on another release, or is it “just” a single?
    This track is part of an ever-evolving album that doesn’t really have a release date. I want to upload a new track for every single National Park that I go to. I do have a more of a rock album coming out soon called “Out Of Office” which I’ve been putting my all into! It’s going to feature 13 songs, each one better than the last! I’ve got another National Park song dropping in the middle of July though and several projects dropping between then! 

    Do you have plans to go out and play these songs live?
    I also occasionally do live performances on my Facebook page called Piano Plays where I just play soft calming piano lines for around 30 minutes to help my viewers fall asleep! 

    Thank you for this Kevin!

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  • Spotted!

    Spotted: Shai-li Paldi – We Will Last

    Today I’m introducing you to Shai-li Paldo, a 26-year-old composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist from Israel; currently living in Liverpool in the UK where she’s finishing her bachelor degree.

    Shai-li released her first track on April 5th, and We Will Last was released as a single in May 2019. The track will also be featured on the upcoming EP Brain Fog, which will be out in July 2019.

    Tell us something about your track We Will Last!
    We Will Last was written in one emotional night. I started from the repetitive chord progression and then improvised the melody on top and edited it to what it is now. This piece, with its repetitive melody in the left hand, meeting another melody on top, is melancholic but hopeful in a way as the title suggests. In the context of the whole EP, We Will Last is meeting another piano piece and two more fully produced instrumental-ambient tracks. The complexity of the human brain (referring to the EP’s name), always reminded me a brunch that spreads out and has so much responsibility- always has to stay strong and steady.  I named the track We Will Last as a way to convince myself on something that I wanted so much to work out but I couldn’t. In a way, in this track I am speaking out to myself and to everyone else and comforting them when saying that it will all be ok initially, we can survive whatever we face, just like a brunch in a long cold winter or a hot dry summer,

    Thank you very much for this Shai-li!

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  • Behind the piano

    Behind the piano: Javi Lobe

    What’s your name? 
    My name is Javier Lobe, but as an artist name I use Javi Lobe

    Where are you from? And where do you live?
    I am from Zaragoza, Spain. I have lived in the same place, Zaragoza, all my life.

    How long have you been playing the piano?
    I began to the play the piano about eight years old, so, for almost 30 years.

    Do you play other instruments as well?
    No, I don´t know play other instruments. I would also like to play the guitar, the drums, the saxophone…but I don´t have time to learn.

    Tell us about how you started playing music.
    When I was child my family had a piano because my elder sisters studied music. In the beginning I didn´t want to learn to play the piano but the insistence of my middle sister led me to start and take it seriously. They didn´t succeed until I was 12 years old!

    How long have you been making piano music?
    I made my first songs at age 16, but, seriously, writing music for the piano started around 2015.

    Tell us something about that moment you realized you could make songs yourself!
    At first it only started as a game. While listening to music I played the piano trying discover the chords that were being used. That’s how I learned to play without a score. Then I started to investigate and realized that I could compose my own songs

    Have you made music in other genres before?
    Yes, I have composed mostly music for dance. And also versions and arrangements for piano and strings, in which I blend NeoClassical/Ambient sound with modern Minimal Electronic music.

    What are your favorite artists in this “piano genre”?
    There are so many. In my youth I was inspired by composers such as Michael Nyman and Yann Tiersen, and nowadays I like composers such as Ludovico Einaudi, Johann Johannson, Olafur Arnalds  and many more.

    And, as always: the question from my five year old son!
    Where do all your songs come from?

    Well, the truth is that I would not know how to tell you. I only know that when I compose music for piano, this is my natural way of expressing myself, it is my own language. And we each have a way of composing that makes us unique and different.

    Thank you for this Javi!

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  • Spotted!

    Spotted: Norman Dück – Morning Dew

    Today I’m introducing you to Norman Dück, a German composer an pianist who has done work for both TV and film. He discovered the piano at age six, but had to wait until he was 14 to begin taking lessons. At age 22 (in 2018) he decided to go all in with his music and has since then ben able to make a living out of it!

    The song Morning Dew is released as a single and came out early May of 2019. There will however be an album later this year.

    Tell us something about you track Morning Dew!
    I came up with the melody and idea when I went to north-Sea in Germany and took a week of going on small islands and watching the sea for overs, that’s where I got my inspiration from combined with early walks in the forest (and that’s where the name of the track comes from)After I got home from my trip I instantly hopped on my piano and recorded the whole thing I had in my head as a one-taker, I had the track completely figured out in my head and already finished the composing part up there when I got home so I just had to record it.

    Thank you for this Norman!

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  • Spotted!

    Spotted: Peter Cavallo – Adagio for violin, Romanza No.36

    Today I’m introducing you to Australian composer Peter Cavallo located in Canberra (the capital, for those of you who thought it was Sidney or Melbourne). Peter is an award winning composer who writes music for film and television as well as for his own pleasure.

    My love for the violin and the entire String family fuels my passion for this instrument to be heard in all of its beauty when I compose. I mainly write in a modern classical style moving away from traditional form and focusing more on freedom of movement within my music.

    Tell us something about your track Adagio for violin, Romanza No.36!
    Adagio for Violin – Romanza No.36 is the first of a collection of solo string single releases I am doing over the next couple of months to celebrate my passion for writing for this wonderful instrument and its player Joni Fuller – Violinist. Joni was chosen because she has the most beautiful touch and control of any violinist that I have worked with in the past. She is truly a gift to this world and must be heard.

    Adagio for Violin is a romantic work and has in it all the elements of romance. I tried to think about all of the emotions and senses that are involved in romantic events in our lives and this is what was produced as a result – Romanza No.36 (because it’s not always the first time you get it right).  It was written at the piano and once a few ideas were cemented in my mind I just pressed record and played the piano. I rather prefer to just play rather than score all of my notes on paper as this makes things too rigid. After that as I sit and listen I can hear the violin lines in my head and then pick up the manuscript and start penning down the lines I hear until it’s all done. I then send the file and score to Joni and she records at her studio in the UK and sends it back to me to be mixed and mastered. You know a track is going to be good when you suffer no problems at all during the whole process and with this track that was the case.

    Thank you for sharing this with us Peter!

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