Spotted: Frerik den Haan – L’étranger 

Today I’m introducing you to a new track by the Dutch composer and piano player Frerik den Haan and his brand new track L’étranger.

The track L’étranger was released as a single on the 25th of February, but will also be part of an upcoming EP.

Tell us something about your track L’étranger!
When I came up with the melody, I immediately set foot in Paris, wandering around as a stranger don’t know where to go. Especially the intro reminds me of stepping into a local bakery with one of those funny little doorbells in the window. Funny anecdote about the piece is that a lot of my friends describe it as a mixture between Satie and the movie UP. I can see where they come from. I also worked together with a Dutch illustrator who created a very nice animation based on this music.

Thank you very much for this Frerik!

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