Spotted: Goetz Oestlind – Like a Fairy tale

May I present to you, the German composer and pianist Goetz Oestlind, who studied piano under Conrad Hansen’s alumni Gisela Stumme and Prof. Lev Natochenny. He completed his studies of Applied Cultural Studies with a Master’s degree (M.A.) and earned his Ph.D. with a dissertation on “Counterpoint in Film Music”. His compositions are inspired by the Romantic era and movie scoring.

Tell us something about this latest release of yours!
I have composed four albums so far, The Quiet, The Storm, The Piano Sonatas 1-3 and The Piano Sonatas 4-6. Most people on Spotify like “The Quiet” with the favourite titles “Like a Fairy Tale”, “Out of Trust” and “Falling”. It’s an album about inner peace, the audience love the titles to calm down, to relax after an exhausting day, to support their concentration or just to find back to themselves.

Tell us something about one of the tracks!
Like a Fairy Tale is from The Quiet and is inspired by these wonderful little beings called fairies – messengers of peace, tranquillity and harmony. Furthermore, it’s my mother’s favourite compositions and she loves playing it at home, so it carries memories of family warmth. With its cradling melody and sweet harmonies, “Like a Fairy Tale” will take listeners by the hand and lead them down the path to inner peace.

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