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    Spotted: Karl Thesing – Naiv

    Today I’m introducing you to the latest track by the German composer Karl Thesing. I have previously posted about Karl and his Helicon project, which can be found here.

    The track Naiv was released as a single on the first of may.

    Tell us something about your track Naiv!
    This track is part of an album called „Kino“. The album should have been released in august, combined with a tour through Europe. Unfortunately touring is not possible at the moment, so I will release the album piece by piece. It is completely finished and I am really happy to share it with everyone. For the artwork, I took photos in several different countries and combined the idea of Herman Rorschachs ink drop along with the feelings and pictures, people see when they listen to the songs. The song itself is played on a specially designed Piano (together with Schimmel).

    Thank you for the music Karl!

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    Spotted: Karl Thesing – Helikon

    Today I’m introducing you to Karl Thesing, a German composer and pianist from Cologne. He recently released his song Ember, which is part of his series Helikon. Helikon is a series of singles that together forms an EP. This is his third release. Karl recently released Helikon 4 in cooperation with Shimmel pianos.

    I love combining organic instruments with electronics and to manipulate audio. I would describe my music as melancholic and driven by contrasts. I love a calm sound just as much as a loud and overwhelming experience while listening. What I love about music and especially the music I make is that I don’t have boundaries and can explore the pieces I write by experimenting and improvising. A lot of stuff happens on accident. Still it is very thoughtful, I guess.

    Karl Thesing

    This conversation happened before the release of Helikon 4.
    Tell us something about one of the track from the Helikon series so far!
    I think the track that means the most to me, from Helikon 1-3, is ’Torn’. I wrote the song about two and a half years ago, but finished the piece half a year ago. It took me quiet long to be able to finish it. It is partly about attempting to live as an artist which sometimes is very hard. There are moments where you just want to break out and breath. There were a lot of points in my life where I was about to quit music. The song reflects inner conflicts that we all sometimes have to face. The dramaturgy is the most important aspect of the song and represents the developing of thoughts and self reflection.

    Thank you for the music Karl!

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