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    Spotted: The Weightless – Rain

    Today I’m introducing you to Kasper Lindgren, or The Weightless which he uses as his artist name when making piano music. Kasper is a Swedish composer, pianist, born and raised in the capitol, Stockholm.

    The Weightless is my first own project, here I can freely create music I feel to do. There are no rules or some special genre that stands in the way of The Weightless, therefore the first series of songs becomes solo piano and we will see in which direction the next series of songs goes.

    Rain was released in January 2019, and is the first single of many coming this year from The Weightless.

    Tell us something about Rain!
    This is a song I’ve been playing for a long time. The song has had many different parts over the years but became like this when I recorded it. I want to capture the Nordic melancholy but still with a sense of hope.

    Thank you for sharing this with us Kasper! Looking forward to hear more music soon!

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    Spotted: SØLYS – Winter

    Today I want to introduce you to Canadian artist SØLYS and his latest release Winter. SØLYS real name is Michael Chambers and he has his home base in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. This is the pseudonym he uses when he makes neo classical music.

    In addition to being a musician and composer, I also work as an audio engineer and music producer under the name moon:and:6.

     Tell us something about your track Winter!
    Winter is part of a series of pieces linked to each season. It’s been done many times before, and for good reason, for not one composer can speak for all of us! For those of us who live in climates with four distinct seasons, each one has certain feelings associated with it, and while some of those feelings are commonly shared, others are deeply personal.

    In writing Winter my goal was to create something haunting and melancholic. Using the AABA form, the A section represents the loneliness of a winter landscape, while the dissonant changes in the B section represent the chaos of a winter storm. The tempo is deliberately slow as time seems to come to a crawl through the winter as we wait for the arrival of spring.

    Well, I can very well relate to those four seasons Michael; living in Sweden and all… Thank you for sharing this with us!

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    Spotted: Midtro – Wonderland

    Today I want to introduce you to Midtro, or Kevin Odnoralov which is his real name. Kevin is an American composer and producer based in Denver, Colorado, USA.

    Firstly, tell us about how you came up with your artist name!
    There was a time when I was trying to put together a structure for an album. I had an intro track but I needed something in the middle. I ended up naming the middle track “midtro”. Basically Middle and Intro in one word. The deeper meaning I find behind Midtro is this: Things in our lives may seem like an introduction to us, but God has already been there (in the middle of it) looking out for us and for our well being. 

    Tell us about the song Wonderland!
    One of my favorite pieces on The Winter Melodies EP is Wonderland. I wrote it on Thanksgiving Day. At my parents home they had a beautiful Christmas tree with gorgeous ornaments hanging of the sides and a humble baby grand piano next to it. I was really inspired by the feeling of Christmas and everything that comes with it, including the snow. And so Wonderland was written then and there.

    Tell us about the EP!
    I’ve always had a love for winter. It brings such warmth and the feeling of home to my heart. I really wanted to release some music that captures the emotions I feel during the winter season. And so I named my EP “The Winter Melodies”.

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    Spotted: Bhaveek N. Makan – Borivali

    Today I’m introducing you to composer/writer and director Bhaveek N. Makan. He was born in Durban, South Africa, but currently live in Vancouver, Canada.

    Tell us about your track Borivali!
    I wrote “Borivali” when I was beside my girlfriend. I wanted to send her the track during Christmas, because she has a hard time sleeping, just like me. I wanted the track to make us feel better, and calm. The flutes are an Indian influence I wanted to put in the track. Living away from our original home, we find different things to help us stay in touch with our roots. The sounds I added, are sounds that I wanted as a reminder of where we came from. It’s a connection to home.

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    Spotted: Gian Marco Castro – Haven

    Today I’ll be introducing you to the track Haven by Gian Marco Castro, an Italian composer based in Augusta.

    Tell us something about the release!
    I started like film composer, I have scored more then 50 soundtrack for indie directors then last year I felt that I needed to compose not just for screen but for myself too so I started my first EP that’s named “Healing” now I’m working on my debut album “Haven” it’s the first track.

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    Spotted: Aleandro Spiteri Monsigneur – A song about loss

    Today I will introduce you to Aleandro Spiteri Monsigneur, composer and musician from Malta. and

    I’m a keyboardist for pop-rock band Red Electrick, but I’ve also recently ventured on my own side solo project in which I write neoclassical tracks but with a poppy, electronic edge. 

    Tell us something about your track A song about loss!
    The first track I released is called A song about loss (en sang om at miste). It’s a song which was born out of the unnecessary attachments we make with a lot of temporary things and people in our lives, which is why we often end up experiencing the feeling of losing something or someone which we should never have gotten so attached to in the first place. It’s a process like no other seeing a piece of music grow from a simple, sketchy idea which doesn’t say much to a final piece of work which attempts to say a lot. It’s an extremely liberating feeling to get small and personal with your instrument and try to approach your naked reality through it. And this track was essentially my humble attempt to get the listener to see his or her life (rather than mine) in the reflection of my music, despite the difficulty of this when the music lacks words and is not a lyrical medium.

    Will this song be part of an album eventually?
    Actually the album I’m working on will have a bit of a running theme, but I can’t reveal much yet! But just as a teaser.. there’s the idea of the album being a conversation with myself, kind of like a monologue of advice and introspections. 

    Thank you for this wonderful song, and this wonderful video!

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    Spotted: Federico Delli Santi – Innocenti Scoperte

    Today, I’ll introduce you to Federico Delli Santi, apianist and composer from Vicenza. Hestarted playing the piano at the age of six, first with classical studies and then with modern ones. This is his first single for solo piano, and I am honored to share it!

    Tell us something about Innocenti Scoperte!
    This song contains thoughts, moments, emotions, days, hate and love, told through my most sincere instrument, the piano. The title of the piece comes from all the moments spent with the piano, from all my studies since childhood and all my dreams that led me to start this great project: write an album and share it with everyone. When I sit down at the piano I become a child who has yet to discover all the things in the world, which is why I transform the emotions I hear in music. The music I write comes from the heart because it is always new, to be discovered and listened to. This is how Innocenti Scoperte was born. The goal is to collect this and other future songs in a real album.

    Thank you Federico for this lovely track! And good luck with the album! Looking forward to hear it.

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    Spotted: John Oeth – Castles of Spain

    I mainly write about piano music, but this album caught my attention! This is a classical guitar album by Phoenix based classical guitarist and composer John Oeth. In 2018, he was honored to perform for United States Senator John McCain’s memorial service. Successful concerts throughout the United States have built up his reputation for making sophisticated art music accessible to audiences of all musical backgrounds. This has led to unique performance opportunities such as sharing a concert with Billboard Top 100 artist Jordin Sparks.

    Tell us something about Castles of Spain!
    The bulk of the album is a 14-movement work called Castillos de España.  Each track is based on a castle in Spain. The structure, the history, and the elements of past life are shown in the music.  I have played this work for more than 10 years, so these pieces have matured with me.  Torija is the first from the set that I learned when I was 16 years old.  I loved the piece so much I even made a piano arrangement of it.

    At once elegant and strong, the history and culture display the beauty of Spain. It is that culture and nostalgia that is reflected in my latest album, Castles of Spain, a collection of works by Spanish composer Federico Moreno Torroba (1891-1982). Torroba met the legendary guitarist Andres Segovia in 1918, and Segovia convinced him to write for the guitar. Torroba rejected 20th-century avant-garde ideas in favor of tonal concert music that combines folk elements from Spain with the structure of classical music. His skill is shown in his ability to craft beautiful, lyrical melodies in the slow movements in addition to writing faster, rhythmic music that is undeniably Spanish. 

    Thank you for sharing this with us John! Please check out the social links below for mor information!
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    Spotted: Anna Sofia Nord – Sensitive

    Today I will introduce you to Anna Sofia Nord, composer and pianist originally from Habo, now located in Örebro Örebro, Sweden. She started playing the piano when she was around 3-4 years old.

    Music has always been a big part of my life since i grew up in a musical family. I have studied music at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. 

    Tell us about your song Sensitive!
    Sensitive is the third, and latest release in a series of single. It is originally intended as a song för the baptism of a child. A parents love and worries about what the future might bring. But the lyrics has never been completed, so it ended up as an instrumental piece this time. 

    The other two released tracks Aspiration and Safe and Calm are themes that were created and partly improvised in the moment of the recording. Inspired by the current mood. 

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful music with us Anna Sofia! Please check out the links below for more information!
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