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    Spotted: The Weightless – Portrait of you

    A couple of weeks ago I introduced you all to The Weightless and his song Rain. Yesterday was a very special day, since the follow up single was released!

    Short introduction for new readers then: The Weightless, or Kasper as his name is, is a Swedish composer, pianist and drummer from Stockholm. The Weightless is his first project going solo with piano music, and Portrait of you is his second single.

    Tell us something about portrait of you!
    I wrote and recorded the song in December 2018 during the darkest and coldest days here in Sweden, the sun goes down at 3 pm and people are almost not outdoors. Then you have to portray, for example, friends and loved ones who you do not meet so much this season. The song is a tribute to these people.

    Thank you again for sharing with us Kasper!

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    Spotted: Daniel Paterok – Imagine Paris

    Today I’m introducing you to German composer and piano player Daniel Paterok. Daniel lives in Dortmund and makes a living from his piano! When he’s not making neo classical music for the piano he tours with different bands and teaches piano at the university of Münster.

    The track Imagine Paris is part of the three track EP Mikrokosmos which was released earlier this year. One thing really special about the EP, besides the fantastic piano pieces, is that the total runtime of the EP is only 4 minutes and 27 seconds. None of the three tracks is longer than 2 minutes, and Imagine Paris clocks in on the effective 1.33.

    So Daniel, what can you tell us about Imagine Paris?
    The track is composed in a way, that it would perfectly fit a street or café scene in a french movie. I imagine the melody could also perfectly be played by an accordion in that scene. Also, it’s recorded on a felted piano, a recording technique made popular by the the german composer Nils Frahm.

    Thank you for the music Daniel! And I can really relate to that French street (or café for that matter).

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    Spotted: Richard LaBrooy – Bloom

    For regular readers, Richard LaBrooy is nothing new. He constantly releases ner music, and you can read about his previous single here! Richard is a musician and composer from Melbourne, Australia. This is one of many singles coming our way this year, and what I think is different with this one is that the song is pretty happy. When I first heard it, I even called it “a bit silly”. Most music I present to you here is either laid back or at least quiet.

    But on this one Richard didn’t hold back!

    Tell us something about Bloom!
    I’ve found that Bloom has been my most simplistic piece to date, both texturally and compositionally. To be honest, I hesitated for a while on releasing it, as I didn’t think it would stand up to the more complex pieces I hear out there. But I think that it’s simplicity is what makes the piece what it is.

    In terms of how it was written and produced, I always write my piano parts first. The very first nugget of an idea formed was that opening rhythmic arpeggiated pattern. Something about it just sounded prettier than my usual melodies, and I was curious where it would go. I liked that it didn’t sound like me.

    A lot of the soundscapes and beds you hear underneath the piano are from recordings I have taken, as well as patches that I’ve programmed into various synths. But most of the organic instruments you hear are virtual instruments.

    One day I’d love to record a live chamber orchestra, but right now, due to workflow and money, it’s a little difficult. I also think being reliant on players can hinder your output, so right now where I’m at, I actually prefer to use virtual instruments. However, I do get great joy out of manipulating sound sources and sound design. I think it’s my favourite part of writing and producing a track. One reviewer told me that ‘Bloom’ sounded like ‘Springtime’. So take that for what it’s worth.

    Thank you for sharing this music with us Richard!

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    Spotted: Christina Higham – Awakening

    Today I’m introducing you to Christina Higham and her latest release Awakening. Christina is a classical trained pianist, composer and teacher from Victoria Australia, now located in Melbourne.

    Christina was one of the artists featured on The minimal piano series pt. 2, which I wrote about here. This is her second single, released by The Sonder House. New music coming end of march!

    Please tell us a little something about awakening!
    Lately the way that I have been composing has been really intuitive, and more about creating an atmosphere, rather than focussing on a melodic structure.

    This piece, Awakening definitely has memorable little melodies, but my approach was different in that I was trying to create colours and textures using the treble and bass registers equally, to create beautiful rhythms and harmonies that interplay.

    My focus has also been on simplicity, and the spaces in between the notes.
    The other way my method has been evolving is that I will have a piece pretty much worked out overall, but not exact in every detail, and then I will sit down and hit record, and just see what happens.
    I’ll do this multiple times, and some will work, some not so much, and then sometimes something totally new will find it’s way in and just…work!
    It’s fun doing it this way because it feels very in the moment, and these little unexpected added notes or improvisations can be what makes the piece more interesting (for me anyway!) in the end.

    Thank you for sharing this with us Christina!

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    Spotted: Chad Hewitt – Upside down

    Today I’m introducing you to Chad Hewitt and his album Upside down. I actually got sent three separate tracks from his release, and I decided to listen the the whole album instead of just these three songs. And of course I wanted to introduce you to the whole thing. Three songs would have been to little.

    Chad Hewitt is an American composer and piano player from Utah. He’s been playing the piano since he was a kid, but did not learn how to play the traditional way. He is, like many others (myself included) self taught! After hearing his mom play, he sat down and tried to imitate what he just heard. Pretty impressive way of learning, and a proof of a good ear!

    Playing/composing at the piano has allowed me to communicate things that I sometimes have a difficult time finding the words for.      

    Tell us something about Upside down!
    The album was released on January 18th of 2019.  The theme of the album is given away by the title… sometimes life, our personal circumstances, things we see, hear and experience leave us feeling like our world is “Upside Down”.  We all experience things that are hard, but there is always hope and I tried to capture that in these songs. Those with a religious background might recognize the allusion to Jesus’ Beattitudes in some of the song titles: blessed are- Those Who Mourn, The Meek, Peacemakers, etc.                   

    Can you tell us something about one of the tracks from the album?
    The track Uprooted is a very personal piece for me.  It’s about a specific event in my own life when, in the blink of an eye, everything changed and there was no going back.  It was a very disorienting, confusing and challenging time. With this song I wanted to try to communicate what I had experienced personally,  from moments of reflection, to self-doubt, to clarity and finally hope.    

    Thank you for sharing this with us Chad! Looking forward to hear more music from you!

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    Spotted: Lake Isabel – Elevation

    Today Im introducing you to Lake Isabel from Denver, Colorado, USA. The duo consist of the brothers Dan and Jake Barton. This is a side project from the Barton Brothers which makes piano based pop music. They’re both classically trained pianist so Lake Isabel is in some way what you’d expect with that piano talent! They obviously knows how to sing as well. If you need proof of any of that; just listen!

    The name Lake Isabel is derived from the mountain cabin in Colorado we have visited as brothers every summer since we were born. For that reason, many of our pieces have themes of mountain/wooded solitude. 

    Elevation is released as a single, but a new single comes out every two weeks. You can also listen to their full length album Oak & Ivory on Spotify.

    Tell us something about your track Elevation!
    Elevation is the first track we released after moving back to Colorado from Boston. We see the tune as somewhat of an homage to this beautiful state we grew up in. We hope the listener hears the haunting, lonesome beauty we had in mind when we wrote the piece – the kind of emotion you get walking through the Colorado mountains at night.

    Thank you Dan and Jake for this lovely track!

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    Spotted: Riccardo Roveda – Polvere

    Today I’m introducing you to the Italian composer and pianist Riccardo Roveda and his track Polvere. Riccardo lives in Milano and has taken lessons from the famous pianist Roberto Cacciapaglia. He has also taken lessons in electronic music production.

    This track is on of the tracks from Riccardos solo piano EP A piano guy in a fast world which was released late 2018.

    Tell us something about your track Polvere!
    The track Polvere is inspired of a Stefano Benni ‘s sentence in one of his books: ‘Within a ray of sunlight that enters the window, we sometimes see life in the air. And we call it dust.’ 

    It’s a tribute to every memories every love that have leave a vail of dust in our life.

    Thank you for the wonder music Riccardo!

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    Spotted: Kotaro Saito – Jasmine

    Today I’m introducing you to Japanese composer and piano player Kotaro Saito. Much of his inspiration to make music comes from growing up in India. Before starting to make piano music, Kotaro worked with branding and media promotion.

    The track Jasmine is taken from his EP Poem, poetry or not which was release the 1st of February.

    So, Kataro! Tell us something about your track Jasmine! 
    Jasmine is a truly contrasting creation in comparison, in which it is purely emotional, improvisational, and is totally different from my previous works, which have been produced in a way the music is intended and calculated to grab listeners’ attention within the first few seconds. 

    Detached tone, yet lyrical, from high pitched to low pitched sounds. Introducing you to the highly imaginative piano sound. 

    Thank you for the music Kotaro!

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    Spotted: bzur – Insieme

    Just a couple of week ago, I introduced you to the mysterious piano person bzur, who prefers not to have his name mentioned. What I do know is that he’s from Italy and makes fantastic music. So when he sent me a link to his single Insieme, it wasn’t an option not to write about it!

    Tell us something about your track Insieme!
    “Insieme” means “Together”, and was initially released some months ago, as part of my album “Why”. 

    My intention, apart the compositional challenge, was to prove that piano and organ could go “together” well but, as sometimes happens, the track did not receive a particular warm reception… not a big concern, as I don’t expect everyone likes everything 🙂

    In the new version – released as a single –  the organ has been replaced by… another piano. So the piece is now conceived as a 4 hands piano one, which means: play it “together” with your best friend 🙂 people seems liking it way more than the previous version.

    Thank you for this lovely four hand piano track!

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