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    Spotted: centrl – Hyacinths

    Today I’m introducing you to Canadian composer Gennadiy Rakov from Toronto. Gennadiy recently released the debut album Oceans where this track can be found among other songs of different genres; mostly electric and melancholy music.

    The (artist) name was inspired by a song of one of my favourite artists John Frusciante. His lyrics “I’m central to nowhere” have a liberating effect in their own way – we might think that we’re the centre of the universe, but we’re all just floating somewhere in space.  I think once you detach yourself from that feeling of importance, it’s easier to create.

    Tell us something about your track Hyacinths!
    The track Hyacinths came about spontaneously when I was recovering from an illness and I wasn’t able to leave my house for a couple of weeks. That day I was working on a guitar track that wasn’t quite shaping up to be what I wanted. Somewhat frustrated at the end of the day, I sat behind my keyboard and Hyacinths just came out organically. All the piano parts were recorded in 1 or 2 takes (which is far from what normally happens when I’m trying to record). It felt like I was just there to record the music rather than to actually compose it.

    Thank you for sharing with us!

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    Spotted: Martin Brice – Monterey’s Coast

    Today I’m introducing you to Martin Brice, an American composer from, and currently based in, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Martin Brice’s real name in Sean Hannan, and Martin Brice is what he calls himself for his solo piano project. A fun fact about is that both the artists name and the titles of the songs is taken from the movie Sneakers from 1992.

    The song Monterey’s Coast is released as a single and came out in the beginning of august 2019.

    Tell us something about your song Monterey’s Coast!
    The first few tracks I had written for this project were major key, positive vibes piano pieces, and I wanted to switch it up and write something a little more melancholy. Adding to that moodiness, I refrained from smoothly flowing arpeggios and opted for more of a push/pull rhythm which lends to the track a certain tension. As it was coming together, I kept picturing this large musty attic with shafts of light breaking through missing slate tiles, so I leaned into that atmosphere on the production side with a more percussive piano tone and spacious reverbs.

    Thank you for sharing this with us Martin/Sean!

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    Spotted: Ragnar H – Musical Dream

    Today I’m introducing you to Estonian composer and piano player Ragnar Häide. Ragnar is not only a contemporary classical composer, but also plays in the Estonian pop-rock band Maria Stuart.

    Musical Dream is his first piano track, and that one was released as a single on July 24th.

    Tell us something about your track Musical Dream!
    Musical Dream is a story about my musical journey. Road has been difficult and bumpy, but I still keep dreaming, that someday people will hear my music.

    Thank you for this Ragnar!

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    Spotted: Biba Dupont – 6 Bullets

    For recent visitors of the blog Biba Dupont is nothing new. The spanish duo (consisting of Helga Blanco & Xalo Gayoso) is very productive and releases new music all the time. So far, everything sounds so wonderful so it’s hard to decline them a spot here.

    The song 6 Bullets was released as a single mid July 2019.

    Tell us something about the song 6 Bullets!
    This song is inspired on a Mircea Cartarescu’s tale, (Ruletistul). We tried to mix the timbre of the piano with electronics and soft processed acoustic voices, resulting in an ethereal and dreamer track. This song is one of the latest singles of our upcoming album, with will go live mid-summer. 

    Thank you again Biba Dupont for sending me these wonderful piano tunes!

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    Spotted: Edward Delsing – Suncatcher

    Today I’m introducing you to Canadian composer and piano player Edward Delsing. When he was young, his parents bought him a piano, which quickly became his favorite thing in the world. Edward has written many styles of music, but his current focus is on writing instrumental contemporary classical music. 

    As a child, I developed a love of nature from spending a lot of time on farms and playing in fields, lakes and forests with friends in rural Canada. When I’m composing, I find myself inspired frequently by memories of outdoor scenes. Listeners often say my compositions conjure various natural scenes in their mind’s eye – places they have either been to or have seen in movies.

    Suncatcher is the title track of Edwards debut album which was released in July 2019.

    Tell us about your track Suncatcher!
    As I composed the music for Suncatcher, I held an image of my beloved grandparents and great grandparents in mind. I never got to know them well because they had all passed away by the time I was little, but their memory has been preserved through photographs. The “Suncatcher” track and the album as a whole represent a nostalgic reflection on people and places that are dear to us. I hope that listeners will find themselves on a soothing and relaxing journey of spirit and mind throughout these 14 tracks, one that allows them to rediscover some forgotten memories and experience a range of positive and heartwarming emotions.

    Thank you for sharing with us Edward!

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    Spotted: Hugar – Logn

    Isn’t the internet and it’s algorithms fantastic? And also a bit scary… The day after I got sent Hugar’s latest song Logn, they magically appeared on my facebook wall. Apparently there’re coming to Sweden (Stockholm) to perform in September. I won’t be able to go, but maybe you are?

    Oh well!

    Hugar is an Icelandig duo consisting of Bergur Þórisson and Pétur Jónsson from Seltjarnarnes (just northwest of Reykjavík). They formed a band after meeting in a friends recording studio, where they recorded their debut album, namned Hugar.

    The song Logn was released as a “double single” on the 19th of July, but will also be featured on the album Varða, which will be released on the 23rd of august.

    Guideposts adorn the path of every journey, no matter the distance. 

    Historically, such markers signaled progress for Icelandic travelers in the past. Given the country’s extended daylight, journeymen couldn’t rely on the stars, so they followed the Varða. Translated to “cairn” in English, these tiny rock towers heralded the way as the next cairn would always be visible from its predecessor.

    Similar to those piles of rocks, the songs are like small cairns on the album. It’s not about the destination though, but rather this never-ending journey, which the whole record represents.

    Tell us something about your song Logn!
    Recording at night in the summertime when it’s bright is an energy that doesn’t make sense. As a human being, you’re supposed to be awake when it’s light and asleep when it’s dark. When the sun is out all day, you get this weird energy. You’re tired, but you want to keep going. Iceland is an anomaly in general. We have earthquakes, glaciers melting, and avalanches. It’s a ridiculous place to live for man. At the same time, it’s so beautiful that you can’t escape it. 

    Logn was composed in these circumstances similar to other songs on the album. Logn translates to calm in Engilsh.

    Thank you very much for sharing this with us! And too bad you’re not coming to Copenhagen (or Malmö for that matter). Next time!

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    Spotted: Oskar Kappland – Tell Me Where You’ve Been

    Today I’m introducing you to Swedish composer and piano player Oskar Kappland (Kappland is an artist name, but it sounds nice, so I’ll leave it here). Oskar is originally from Gothenburg (West Cost) but has spent his past six years abroad in countrys as USA, South Korea, India and Thailand.

    Right now, Oskar is working on what he calls “one song a week”, and this is the first of, what I would guess, many song to be released in the near future. The songs are being released on Wednesdays and this particular song was released the 11th of July 2019.

    Tell us something about you song Tell Me Where You’ve Been!
    My father killed himself on July 11, 2016. He suffered from severe anxiety and depression for 30 years of his life. When I was a kid, I could never relate to his struggles. As he resorted to alcohol to dull the pain, I took him for being an irresponsible adult. I built up irreversible anger toward him.

    Tell Me Where You’ve Been, released on July 11, 2019, depicts a hypothetical encounter between my father and me in which for the first time, we are able to speak like adults. The title describes my longing for him to tell me everything he has gone through, the things that eleven-year-old me never understood. 

    The song came to me by accident as I was improvising on the piano, and it immediately turned into a heartfelt ballad about my relationship with my dad. The lyrics I wrote are so far unofficial, but hopefully the song will be released as a non-instrumental version with vocals soon!

    Thank you Oskar for opening up like this and sharing your story!

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    Spotted: Aymen Gannouni – Mirage

    Today I’m introducing you to German composer Aymen Gannouni located in Aachen. Aymen bought his first piano in 2014, and has since then taught himself how to use it. And what I’m introducing you to today is Aymens very first song, ever!

    The song Mirage was released as a single in the beginning of July of 2019.

    Tell us something about your track Mirage!
    Mirage is my first single. It was released on 11th of July. For me, Mirage, is a phenomenon that stretches beyond nature to reveal how our expectations sometimes can be very far from the truth. I have been working on the single for ten months. Everytime I was improvising on the piano I was recording short samples of 20 to 30 seconds. At some point, I started combining theses samples to build up a theme and finally the composition.

    Thank you for this tune Aymen! I hope there’s more coming!

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    Spotted: LUCHS – Valentine

    Today I’m introducing you to Patrik Berg Almkvisth, or LUCHS, a Swedish actor, composer and music producer. Patrik is born into a very musical family and says that one of his earliest memories from childhood was falling asleep every Sunday under the grans piano while his father was playing in the church.

    Valentine was originally created as a collaboration with actor Dacre Montgomery (Stranger Things). It has been released as a part of his podcast called DKMH that was released July 11th on Spotify. The podcast is a combination of Dacres beat poetry (narrated) set to music scores designed by some of his favourite musicians around the world. 

    Tell us something about your track Valentine!
    Dacre Montgomery reached out to me on Instagram and asked me if I would like to compose the music to some of his beat poetry. He sent over the text and gave me total freedom to compose around the words. I felt an instant connection to his work and got started right away.  The first day I was mostly just laying on the floor with my hands covering my ears and tried to listen for a musical phrase, a chord progression or a short melody that could get me started.

    After discarding a couple of ideas the foundation to Valentine came. And a couple of days later I sent over a first production of the track to Dacre. His response was so kind and positive so I barely had to change anything accept for a few mix fixes to feel satisfied myself. I also made two versions. One digital and one analog where I recorded the final mix onto cassette tape. Dacre preferred the analog one so that version can be heard behind his poetry. I was very happy with the composition so I decided to release an instrumental version of the track as well. This time I went with the digital master.  

    Thank you very much Patrik!

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    Spotted: Melany Thompson – New Life

    Today I’m introducing you to Australian pianist and composer Melany Thompson based out of Sydney. She has a background in classical music and studied piano from the age of four. She preferred however to write her own melodies instead of playing others.

    The song New Life is taken from her debut album Memories of home which was released in the beginning of July 2019.

    Tell us something about your track New Life!
    I actually sat down and composed this song the day Prince Harry and Meghan announced the name of their new baby boy, Archie. I thought it was such a sweet name and a beautiful moment in time. I originally called the track “song for Archie” but renamed it “New Life” when I recorded it just weeks later at Underwood Studio in the picturesque Blue Mountains, where I grew up. 

    Thank you for sharing this with us Melany!

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