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    About the track: Northern

    To talk about the track Northern I need to talk just a little bit about my uncle Per. Per has always been my biggest idol. I’ve always looked up to him and he has been a great mentor when it comes to what music I should listen to. So when he asked me in 2010 if I wanted to help him make a record for one of his books (Prinsessans Rockband), I immediately said yes. The record sold very well, and we were awarded a Gold Record in Sweden.

    After that we didn’t make much music together. Almost nothing at all.

    Until early 2020 when he wrote to me and asked if I wanted to finish a couple of piano tunes that he’d been working on.

    The first one I started to work on was the song Western which have been released as a solo piano version on my EP Sinclair in may, 2020.

    When he sent me the track Northern, what I fell for immediately was the bass line; especially the two notes that leads up to every phrase. So that’s where I started with the track! The melody was there, so I just needed something to do with my left hand to make it flow.

    So, here it is!

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    About the track: Barnens värld

    The story about Barnens värld is a pretty great one! Since the day I started working at my current workplace (I work as a pre-scool teacher) my boss/principal have been talking about making a song out of a poem of his called Barnens Värld (the version named “dikt” is a version where he reads the the poem over my piano version). After almost two years me and my buddies Anton Jakobsson and Sebastian Nygren decided to finally write a song based on the poem; so we spent an afternoon reworking the lyrics and writing a melody. The original track can be heard here:

    After writing the song, recording it went kind of fast. Later we decided to ask all of the people at the same workplace (about 80 people) to sing along to the chorus (which can be heard on the recording above). It was a fun day for everyone but be, since I hade record the same thing over and over again about 20 times (five people at the time). But the end result is great and I’m proud to be one of the writers of the song!

    My boss also wanted to have a version with the poem so I offered to make a solo piano recording of the song which he could read the poem to.

    And by the way. Barnens Värld means The world of the kids, or The kids world. And the reason why I decided to release it today is because the schools in Sweden reopens today after summer break! And to double that up; my oldest son starts school today!

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    About the track: Elder

    Elder is the third time I collaborate with my buddy and fellow piano player Rikard Mathisson (the first two being Rowan and Hawthorn). And as you can tell by these three titles, we have kind of a theme for the songs we make together.

    This track started with Rikard sending me the higher pitched piano and I started playing around with what to play below his part. Usually the melody is higher than the chords (at least when I play). The right hand plays the melodi, kind of. If you have four hands playing, you have to get creative!

    My favorite part of the tune starts around 2:00 where I get the feeling of two birds (or pianos) having a conversation with each other.

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    Spotted: Winterdagen – Westerkerk (b e m version)

    Today I’m introducing you to the track Westerkerk by the dutch composer Mink, or Winterdagen. Mink has written and performed music in different band and constellations for many years, and this year is the year when Winterdagen gets it revival!

    This is a solo piano version of one of the tracks of the upcoming EP ‘Phase In’, which will be released on May 29. The songs was is also released as a single.

    Tell us something about your track Westerkerk!
    In 2018, I had the opportunity to write an audiovisual live show with 8 musicians, which we got to perform at festival on the island of Terschelling, just off the North shore of The Netherlands. Our stage was a beautiful small old church, which had a lovely organ, and a wonderful old piano. On that particular piano I wrote this piece, in between performances. We liked the piece -and the old piano- so much, we decided to incorporate them into the performance. We put the piano in the middle of the crowd, where half way through the concert, I would perform this piece acoustically, which was an amazingly intimate moment during every performace we did. Naturally I had to name the piece after the church it was written at.

    For my upcoming EP, I recorded this track on an even older and piano, with some added cello layers. This extra (solo) version of the track was one of the first recordings I did on my new piano at home. It’s part of 1631 Recordings’ new Piano Cloud compilation, which features an amazing line-up of pianists, I’m very happy to be a part of it.

    Thank you for the music Mink!

    For more information, click on any of these links:
    Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Spotify

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    About the EP: Sinclair

    On Friday I released another EP called “Sinclair”. The name was taken from the road where my sisters house is located in my home town of Arvika.

    This is the first time I have recorded something on an acoustic piano, so it was pretty special for me. I usually compose, record and mix the song at the same time, so this time I had to really prepare and do each part of the process completely separate! I recorded it live, using my Townsend Sphere microphone with my laptop, and then took it back to Malmö to mix and master.

    The recording was made during the Christmas season of 2019 and the first single, Meadow, was releases some time in January, and this was the fastest ever from recording to release I have ever made. I had some other things I wanted to release first so that’s why the full EP had to wait until now.

    So. This is me trying to play the piano for real (well, not that I cheat on my other tracks, but this is very live for once).

    I hope you like it!

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    About the track: Day

    The track Day was written on the same day as my previous song Meadow, and on the very same spot at the video for the same was recorded. I was doing some composing in between takes of the recording session of the song Välkomna till änglyckan, which I recorded at the pre-school named Ängslyckan. Meadow means Äng in Swedish by the way.

    Because of the location I first called the song Day for Meadow part II, but after writing the song Night (which will be available on the upcoming EP release featuring these two tracks, and two others), it felt like the two were opposites to each other. Day and night.

    I hope you enjoy the song!

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    Spotted: Methyl Lily – Purple Ghost

    Today I’m introducing you to the American multi-instrumentalist and producer Tyler Wells Lynch from Maine. Tyler makes music under the stage name Methyl Lily and has made music for a couple of years.

    The track is released on the album Rhododendron which came out late February of 2020.

    Tell us something about the track Purple ghost!
    This track is off of my latest album, “Rhododendron,” which was released in late February. It emerged from a bout of depression I suffered last year, something I’ve often tried to work through in my music. The initial ambient sound was produced by slamming a string synth with layers and layers of harmonic distortion, tape saturation, and reverb. 

    Thank you Tyler!

    For more information, please check out these links;
    Twitter / Spotify

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    Spotted: Anders Wiking with Sleepy Songs – Sakruveta

    Today I’m introducing you to the final track from the collaboration EP With which was releases a week ago. This track is a collaboration between me and my friend Anders Wiking who is an amazing guitar player. He went to some kind of fancy music school in America a while back, but now makes a living as a pre school teacher and plays music for children with me in our band Rimstad Rockerz.

    As a couple of the other songs I started working on this track during the summer of 2019 when I was living in a house in Falsterbo in the south of Sweden. I immediately felt it was a track that would go well with guitar and piano, so I sent it to Anders. When we were talking about titles for the song, Anders at some point wrote “Sakruveta”. And this might be hard to understand if you’re not Swedish, but what he wanted tho write was really “Ska du veta” (which would translate to something like “You know”) but with sloppy (guitar) fingers and autocorrect de activated, he wrote Sakruveta instead. And that’s where the name came from!

    So Anders, tell us something about the track Sakruveta!
    The song in itself is my first collaboration and it was pretty hard to come up with parts, I’m used to be the one writing the main theme and then Johan does his producer thing and the rest is magic. So I did my best and came up with some pretty solid parts that was partially cut due to my horrible recording skills. The song came out pretty nice and I hope you will enjoy it. 

    Mor information about Anders and his music can be found here:
    Instagram / Facebook / Spotify

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    Spotted: Erik Slättberg with Sleepy Songs – Seasons

    Today I’m introducing you to the fourth track from the collaboration EP With. And this track is made by me and my buddy Erik Slättberg from Örebro. Erik is an amazing piano player which I have written about before, and you should just go ahead and check out everything Erik on the blog here!

    Erik stated he wanted to write something in 5/4 pretty early. When I heard the piano track I was pretty sure I wasn’t gonna be able to add another piano to it… So that’s when I started experimenting with drums instead – since I am originally a drummer! The fun thing with working on this track for me is that I had, the week before, worked on another track (a singer songwriter song) by Anders Wiking which was also in 5/4. So I just sat down by my drum kit and started working on a beat. The rest just worked out! So here we go!

    Tell us something about the track Seasons!
    Seasons is my first track to be released as a collab (in my solo piano project).It is very different from the rest of my catalogue and the rest of Johans as well, and I think we both was a little surprised of how it turned out..hehe.Having a desire to create music with a wide range of emotion, I decided to create a track that was quite opposite to the calm, minimalistic approach that dominates the neoclassical piano genre. I send some piano tracks to Johan, consisting of rhythmic arpeggiated patterns in 5/4, were the melody was more or less embedded in the arpeggios. Johan then added most of the rest, such as drums, which turned the track into…well, i’m not sure if we really know the genre of this odd one. Maybe that is for everyone to decide.

    For more information about Erik and his music, check out these links!
    Facebook / Homepage / Instagram / Spotify

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    Spotted: Rikard Mathisson with Sleepy Songs – Hawthorn

    Time for track number three from the collaboration EP With! Today I present to you the track Hawthorn made by me Andy buddy Rikard Mathisson. It has been an interesting journey with Rikard. We first me through Facebook where Rikard was looking for someone to help out with mix and master for his very first release! Since then; we have both grown musically and I’m excited to share with you the second track we have worked with (the first one being Rowan).

    On Rowan I wrote the first piano parts and then Rikard added his parts. On this tune, we did the other way around. I worked on my parts during the summer of 2019 when I was living in a house in Falsterbo, Sweden.

    Tell us something about the track, Rikard!
    I’ve been getting to know this friend of mine, Johan Eckman quite well the last few years, and we’ve been doing several other projects together, mostly not piano related though. One of these days, I got a hunch that we should do a joint effort and combine our two piano voices. It turned out to be a great idea, We share the joy in creating piano music it was great fun, and our two pianos meet well in a conversation, with intertwined melodies. It is a really emotional piece, and I’ve even written some lyrics, although that is a story for later…

    For more information about Rikard and his music, check out these links:
    Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / Homepage