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    Spotted: Juliano – Trees of Gold

    Today I’m introducing you to the German composer and piano player Juliano and his track Trees of Gold. Juliano started playing the piano at the age of 15, but started out as a accordion player before that. He started out by rewriting arrangements of well-known songs for orchestra at an early age, and later went on to write his own tunes.

    The track Trees Of Gold was released as a single on August 27th of 2021. 

    Tell us something about your track Trees of Gold!
    Trees Of Gold was inspired by a walk through the forest. When you are walking through the forest, it often seems as if time stands still. The peace that nature radiates makes us forget everyday life. And when the sun’s rays shine between the leaves, there is a wonderful play of light and it seems as if nature begins to dance. I wanted to catch this moment in music.  

    Thank you for this piece of music Juliano!

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    Spotted: Juliano – Sleepless

    Today I’m presenting you with the German bord composer Juliano and his track Sleepless. Juliane started out as a accordion player and started with the piano at the age of 15. He has played in numerous bands and orchestras throughout the years and has a degree in musicology.

    The track Sleepless was released as a single ont he 8th of June, 2021.

    Tell us something about your track Sleepless!
    There are always those nights when our thoughts or experiences don’t let us sleep. 
    This composition was created from an improvisation of a sleepless night and reflects the peace, the magic but also the loneliness of the night and its influence on humans.

    Thank you very much for this Juliano!