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    Spotted: Matt Tondut with Lauge – Winter Walks (Piano Version)

    Today I’m presenting you to the latest track by Matt Tondut and (Henrik) Lauge. We have previously met Lauge on the blog, so let’s focus on presenting the new name!

    Matt Tondut is a a multi-instrumentalist from Australia who started to play piano at the age of eight and then added guitar to his arsenal!

    The track Winter Walks was released as a single on the 28th of march of 2020.

    Tell us something about the track Winter Walks!
    Me & Lauge have collaborated a number of times on Ambient tracks. This release was actually a revisit of the original piano sketch composed by me when working out a progression for their Ambient collaborative piece Winter Walks. Wanting to celebrate World Piano Day on March 28, we revisited the sketch and came up with the piano solo piece presented here today. It was initially inspired from a Ski trip I went on after a long walk I took through the snow. It is soft and slightly melancholic and given that it is composed from a sketch intended for an Ambient track, very minimilistic.

    Thank you Matt and Lauge for sending me this track!

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    Spotted: Lauge and ThePianoPlayer – Aftermath

    Today I’m introducing you to a track by the danish composer and ambient master (Henrik) Lauge and ThePianoPlayer (and composer) Enzo Orefice from Naples in Italy.

    The track Aftermath is released as a single, and came out mid January of 2020.

    Tell us something about your track Aftermath!
    Enzo: The curiosity to explore new sounds and new moods on which to play my piano melodies.  I composed this song as always on the piano.

    Lauge: This track came about when exchanging ideas turned into a desire for collaboration. Aftermath captures the feel of a world standing completely still after a nuclear winter.

    Thank you for sharing this with us!

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    Spotted: Lauge – Sollys (Revisited)

    Today, I’m introducing you to someone I’ve only been in contact with from the other way around. Henrik Laugesen aka Lauge, is an danish composer who also rund the Ambient Soundscapes playlists! So it was nice when I got sent some of Henriks music, instead of just sending him mine.

    The track Sollys isn’t what I typically post about here, since it’s more to the ambient rather than the neo classical. But I do like this kind of music. As I’ve mentioned before, my “in” to this genre is Music for airports by Brian Eno.

    The track Sollys was released as a single in the end of august 2019.

    Tell us something about your track Sollys!
    The revisited version of “Sollys” is the first of many in a series of reworked tracks originally taken from my album ambient album “Pusterum” released back in 2015. The idea behind these edits is to present my ambient tracks in a more minimalistic and neoclassical way. The new versions will be released as singles and in the end as an EP.

    When I finished the tracklist for Pusterum – Sollys didn’t make the cut. I wasn’t happy with the way it sounded and I decided to can it. However I was convinced by my wife to keep the track and feature it on the album as she had a final say since the whole album was created for her, as she was suffering from insomnia and ambient music helped her sleep.

    Thank you Henrik!

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    And also check out the Ambient Soundscapes playlist, and the Classical Soundscapes playlist which features some of my songs!