Spotted: Lauge – Sollys (Revisited)

Spotted: Lauge – Sollys (Revisited)

Today, I’m introducing you to someone I’ve only been in contact with from the other way around. Henrik Laugesen aka Lauge, is an danish composer who also rund the Ambient Soundscapes playlists! So it was nice when I got sent some of Henriks music, instead of just sending him mine.

The track Sollys isn’t what I typically post about here, since it’s more to the ambient rather than the neo classical. But I do like this kind of music. As I’ve mentioned before, my “in” to this genre is Music for airports by Brian Eno.

The track Sollys was released as a single in the end of august 2019.

Tell us something about your track Sollys!
The revisited version of “Sollys” is the first of many in a series of reworked tracks originally taken from my album ambient album “Pusterum” released back in 2015. The idea behind these edits is to present my ambient tracks in a more minimalistic and neoclassical way. The new versions will be released as singles and in the end as an EP.

When I finished the tracklist for Pusterum – Sollys didn’t make the cut. I wasn’t happy with the way it sounded and I decided to can it. However I was convinced by my wife to keep the track and feature it on the album as she had a final say since the whole album was created for her, as she was suffering from insomnia and ambient music helped her sleep.

Thank you Henrik!

For more information, please check out these following links:
Facebook / Spotify

And also check out the Ambient Soundscapes playlist, and the Classical Soundscapes playlist which features some of my songs!