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    Spotted: Christopher Colaço & Philipp Schaeper – The Brightest Point of Light

    Today I’m introducing you to Christopher Colaço and Philipp Schaeper, both of them from the south of Germany and now located in Berlin. They studied jazz piano and drums at the Berlin University fo arts together. Their first album made together is View From Above, where this particular track is taken from. They have, however, made music together before. They made the music for the movie Oh Boy! – A Coffee In Berlin for which they got the German Academy award for best score!

    The album View From Above was released in the beginning of may 2019.

    Tell us something about your track The Brightest Point of Light!
    The Basic Idea was a repeditve piano figure which should be soft and constantly meditating while strings float over the pattern. We tried a lot of rhythms and constantely turned the song upside down. Actually we didn’t consider to put it on the record but luckily we created a version we liked. It was recorded with all players at once.

    Thank you Christopher and Philipp for this wonderful track!

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    Spotted: Hideyuki Hashimoto – Saki

    Today I’m introducing you to composer and piano player Hideyuki Hashimoto from Osaka, Japan; now located in Kagawa Prefecture. Hideyuki’s main focus is improvised performances and composition.

    The track Saki is taken from the soundtrack for the movie Itadiki Girl which was released the 20th of may 2019. The movie have a “family love” theme according to Hideyuki.

    Tell us something about your track Saki!
    This song was recorded in my room. I set two microphones to the upright piano. As it was music for the film, I tried to record improvisation while watching the film. This is the film’s first demo tape, and it was the for the opening scene. It is hard to replace the moment when a song is born, and I think it is special. The opening scene of the movie kind of reminds of the cover art; the girl’s grandmother rides a bike and takes the sleeping baby. The mechanical noise of the piano is reminiscent of the sound of a pedal pedaling a bicycle.

    Thank you Hideyuki for this wonderful soundtrack! It’s wonderful even without the movie!

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    Spotted: MoreThanSilence – Missing Your Embrace

    Today I’m introducing you to Reinis Ūdris, a Latvian composer from the small town Smiltene, but currently lives in Riga. Reinis uses the name MoreThanSilence when making relaxing music like the song Missing your embrace, but also makes other kinds of music.

    This song was released as a single in may of 2019.

    Tell us something about your track Missing Your Embrace!
    I have an anonymous quote which describes the meaning behind the track – ”I love the warmth of your embrace..when you wrap your arms around me and hug me tightly..You hide me in your embrace and we feel nothing but each other’s heartbeats..I fell most secure…”When I wrote it I wanted to imitate that feeling of peace when you embrace your close friend, family member or loved one – that feeling of peace and true love.

    Thank you for this Reinis!

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    Spotted: Francisco José Villaescusa & Epic Tales Orchestra – El Culturista, Pt. 1

    I have written about Francisco José Villaescusa before, which you can read here. This time he has teamed up with the Epic Tales Orchestra to make this beautiful piece of music.

    Francisco, however, is a Spanish composer of instrumental music and has made music in several genre; new age, Celtic music and orchestral music.

    Tell us something about your song El Culturista, Pt. 1!
    The track is composed to create a minimalist and intimate atmosphere. The director wanted it to be a very subtle music that accompanied the images creating a sober atmosphere.

    Thank you for this Francisco!

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    Spotted: Solulf – Nu då så

    Today I’m introducing you to Swedish composer and piano player Ulf Svedlund who makes neo classical music using the moniker Solulf. Sol means sun in Swedish, so I guess Sunny Ulf would be a good translation. If that matters? That’s just my interpretation, so you know.

    Ulf lives in Stockholm and this song is taken from his second EP Andra. And again with the translation; andra means second.

    My EP from 2015 had a lot of overdubs, and big arrangements, so this one is completely different. 

    I immideatly fell for the amazing cover art of this release, which is made by Daniel Segerheim.

    Tell us something about your track Nu då så!
    This track was composed in a quite unusual way, for me anyways. I wrote it during my parental leave. So when I sat at the piano I almost always had my son in my lap, with one hand on the keys and one arm around my kid. So I wrote the melody first, and added the bass notes later on. 

    It’s a first take recording so there are some mistakes and I was quite nervous for some reason. We kept that feeling, my producer Andreas Söderström like it, it creates a tense feeling which adds a nice layer to the song. 

    Thank you for this song Ulf! Love the cover art btw!

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    Spotted: Roberta Di Mario – Leda And The Swan

    Today I’m introducing you to Italian composer and pianist Roberta Di Mario. Roberta is a contemporary and new classical music pianist who loves the piano, which she called “my traveling companion for a lifetime”.

    The track Leda and the Swan is taken from Robertas latest album Disarm which was released in May of 2019.

    Tell us something about your track Leda and the Swan!
    Leda and the Swan is inspired by the the Greek Myth. It tell us about a seduction story and the disarm about to the passion and desire. The inevitable surrender to love. I composed this ballad in F # minor about last year, after the vision of a paint. It was a great inspiration, so exiting and charming. 

    Thank you for this lovely little tune Roberta!

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    Spotted: Idle Reverie – String of Pearls

    Today I’m introducing you to American composer and pianist Wes Kendall, originally from Knoxville, Tennessee. Wes makes music with the group Idle Reverie. He started composing on the piano when he was 15 years old, and it’s still his favorite hobby even 15 years later.

    This track is part of a short album called As we depart which was released in may of 2019. Later this year Idle Reverie will release a video and storyline for the album.

    Tell us something about your track String of pearls!

    String of Pearls is a tragic and yet somewhat hopeful song. It was one of those pieces that naturally flowed after playing around with the idea one night. It makes me think of a person in a cycle of depression, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel while also having this subtle feeling that it is only temporary.

    Thank you for this song, and the short album Wes!

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    Spotted: John Corlis – Positive Affirmation

    Today I’m introducing you to American composer John Corlis from Colorado Springs, now located in Los Angeles. John has a bachelor in Music in Media Composition and began scoring films and playing in different bands after moving to LA about 15 years ago. He is classically trained and but isn’t afraid to “color outside the lines”.

    The track Positive Affirmation is taken from Johns latest album Healing which was released in may 2019.

    Tell us something about your song Positive Affirmation!
    The songs (on the album) are meant to soothe the soul, mind, and body. I believe music is powerful. Whether it’s putting on a relaxing song during a stressful time, listening to the words of a song that help us speak our truth or using music as a way to process something we are experiencing, music is a great healer. I dedicate this album to my cousin Shay who has been fighting type 1 diabetes since she was a little girl and has continued to stay strong and positive throughout the hardest of times. Despite her health, she has always helped others feel better and advocated for others’ needs. I have made a pledge to the American Diabetes Association to donate 50% of all proceeds from the album from its release date until the global awareness day on November 14. May this album bring some light and joy to your day and to others.

    Thank you for the music John!

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    Spotted: Ben Thames – Contemplation

    Today I’m introducing you to American composer Ben Thames currently living in the small rural community Chumuckla in Florida. Ben is a self taught pianist that have been playing for about four years at the moment.

    The track Contemplation is taken from his latest EP, called Ferriday Blues which was released early may 2019.

    Tell us something about your track Contemplation!
    This one came together quite easily, as I find a lot of my favorite pieces usually do. I sat down at the piano late one night, with only a rough intro idea, & after about 3 hours the whole thing was written & ready to be recorded. I was struggling to come up with a title for it initially, but as I was listening to it, I found it reminding me of times of contemplation – specifically the ones where you just kind of sit around & reflect on life. So, that was the new title. 

    Thank you for this wonderful song, and this wonderful EP Ben!

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    Spotted: Nadav Cohen – Release

    A while back, I introduced you to Nadav Cohen and his release Fighter, which you can read more about here. Now he’s back with another great ambient single, called Release. Nadav is an Australian composer living in Melbourne.

    Tell us something about your track Release!
    I wrote this track with the theme of “letting go” in mind. Release is about moving on from something in your life. Whether it be a hobby, past ideology or loved one, this track is about finding composure and clarity  in the change people undergo in their lives and the “release” that comes with moving forward from an overwhelming chapter both positive or negative. 
    This song was actually all written in one day using MIDI string libraries on my computer at home. However, I sent it over to an incredible cellist from Los Angeles, Francesco Canas.  He recorded each voicing of the piece multiple times creating a total of 60 tracks of Cellos and violins. This allowed the track to breathe and feel unique. 

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful song with us Nadav!

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