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    About the track: Barnens värld

    The story about Barnens värld is a pretty great one! Since the day I started working at my current workplace (I work as a pre-scool teacher) my boss/principal have been talking about making a song out of a poem of his called Barnens Värld (the version named “dikt” is a version where he reads the the poem over my piano version). After almost two years me and my buddies Anton Jakobsson and Sebastian Nygren decided to finally write a song based on the poem; so we spent an afternoon reworking the lyrics and writing a melody. The original track can be heard here:

    After writing the song, recording it went kind of fast. Later we decided to ask all of the people at the same workplace (about 80 people) to sing along to the chorus (which can be heard on the recording above). It was a fun day for everyone but be, since I hade record the same thing over and over again about 20 times (five people at the time). But the end result is great and I’m proud to be one of the writers of the song!

    My boss also wanted to have a version with the poem so I offered to make a solo piano recording of the song which he could read the poem to.

    And by the way. Barnens Värld means The world of the kids, or The kids world. And the reason why I decided to release it today is because the schools in Sweden reopens today after summer break! And to double that up; my oldest son starts school today!

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    Spotted: Joe Cilento – Ruminations

    Today I’m introducing you to the track Ruminations by the American rock and blues guitarist (!) Joe Cilento. After a couple of years with playing in different constellations his taste started to change and he wanted to explore classical, world and jazz music. This made him change his focus from having an “instrumentalist mindset” to a more “musicians mindset”. His piano compositions comes from there.

    The track Ruminations was released as a single back in July but is also part of the EP Anywhere with you which came out on the 7th of august, 2020.

    Tell us something about your track Ruminations!
    I started writing this music to break out of the music people told me I ‘should’ be writing based on my background. This music came from a very anxious & tumultuous time in my life. I kept having “two sides of the same coin” battles in my head & those cycles of thought became very overwhelming. Writing music gave me some solace & the idea of “ruminations”- patterns of deeeply thinking over and over about something, really helped clarify the nature of the piece. Ruminations was the last song written for the EP and it was written kind of by accident when I was alone testing out an old beat up out of tune piano at a local studio. I still have the (very rough!) demo of it on my phone and that “found music” quality is what I was going for when I finally recorded the piece in the studio.

    Thank you very much for this Joe!

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    Spotted: The Quiet One – PM

    Today I’m introducing you to The Quiet One, or Amber Wilson as her real name is, and the track PM. Amber comes from Aberdeen, Scotland and started singing and writing song at the age of seven. She studied sound production at the college in Aberdeen, and later moved to London to become a session vocalist. She is also part of the band OK Button.

    The track PM was released as a single on the 29th of July, 2020. The debut album will be released next year.

    Tell us something about your track PM!
    While releasing music with OK Button is a lot of fun – our songs are very produced and the process between writing and releasing has typically been long and complicated. ‘The Quiet One’ is the opposite – it’s raw and low-fi, I can express myself freely and authentically which is liberating.  

    My journey with piano began in 2012 – I lost my voice after a traumatic incident and turned to piano during my recovery. It’s such a beautiful, cathartic instrument to play, I found it very healing. PM is the first piece I wrote during this time. I had a loose concept, but it was mainly stream of consciousness. I wanted to capture something organic and real. The piece channels a lot I couldn’t express with words – including the unexpected passing of a dear friend, but the resolve at the end makes peace with the sadness. “Goodbye, I love you.”

    Thank you very much for this lovely piece Amber!

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    Spotted: Edward Delsing – Long Forgotten Dream

    Today I’m presenting you to the latest track by the Dutch/Brittain born but Canada based composer and piano player Edward Delsing. His fascination of music started with his parents record collection, and at the age of two he started to play with the piano. He began giving small concerts at home for friends and family in his early high school years, and by the age of 16 he was performing on stage for larger audiences. He also started improvising and composing his own original music around this time.

    The track Long forgotten dream was released as a single but will also be featured on an upcoming album with an undecided release date.

    Tell us something about your track Long Forgotten Dream!
    During quarantine, the time I normally spend teaching music dropped drastically. This gave me a lot more time and energy to focus on composing. Almost nothing brings me more joy than sitting down at the piano and allowing musical ideas to flow until something emerges that is worth building upon and sharing with the world. The one thing that is more gratifying is when listeners say that they appreciate the music I created – then I truly know the whole thing was worthwhile. I composed this piece, “Long Forgotten Dream,” as part of my quarantine composing journey, along with about 20 other tracks, many of which will be released on the upcoming album.

    Thank you for this Edward!

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    Spotted: Martin Karlsson – Recovering

    Today I’m introducing you to the Finnish artist, piano player and vocalist Martin Karlsson and his track Recovering. Martin started singing at a young age, but when the family got an electric organ at home he realized that he wanted to play an instrument. Shortly after, his father bought some pianos and an accordion and things were set!

    The track Recovering was released as part of the album Queen of the stars which was released on the 24th of July, 2020. Most of the songs on the album is singer songwriter songs, but there is three solo piano pieces on it.

    Tell us something about your track Recovering!
    The track is completely improvised. It came from a process of healing and recovering. I felt I needed to express that feeling through the keys. I do not remember so much from playing it, it was one of these moments that just happens as my mind drifted away for a little more than 8 minutes. Happily I recorded it. I hope it can help others. I think music has a healing power.

    Thank you Martin for your participation!

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    Spotted: Hideyuki Hashimoto – Choral

    Today I’m presenting you to the latest track, Choral, from the Japanese composer and piano player Hideyuki Hashimoto. You can read a bit more about him by pressing the link above!

    The track Choral was released on the album April-water on the 24th of July, 2020.

    Tell us something about your track Choral!
    These are calm private recordings of April days. I played the upright piano in my room, at early morning. I have been releasing as April series of albums. These are April, April – Tree, and now this last album, April – Water.
    The song “Choral” is the lead track from “April – Water”.It starts with simple, classical harmonies and they are developed in an improvisational way.

    Thank you very much for this!

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    Spotted: Laura Christie Wall – In The Half Light

    Today I’ presenting you to the track In the Half Light by the British composer and piano player Laura Christie Wall from Wales. Laura started playing piano by ear when she was twelve years old, and wrote her first solo piano piece at the age of 15.

    The track In The Half Light was released as a single on the 3rd of July, 2020.

    Tell us something about your track In The Half Light!
    I compose mainly at night, and it’s a very peaceful and almost meditative process for me. My aim when I wrote this piece was to capture that sense of finding comfort amongst the darkness. The emotive cello line against the calming, soft piano melody illustrates a certain longing to be lost in those quiet, intimate moments when daylight, and so the rest of the world, fades away; uninhibited and free to just be.

    Thank you very much for this lovely track!

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    Spotted: Sveinung Fjermestad – Hottavikhagen

    Today, I’m introducing you to the Norwegian composer and piano plater Sveinung Fjermestad and his track Hottavikhagen. Sveinung has played music since he was a little kid, and always loved to write and arrange songs. The past ten years he has been involved in several indie pop/rock projects, but just recently decided to start a projects that was just his own; and that’s what we’re hearing now!

    The track Hottavikhagen was released as a single on the 17th of July 2020, but will also be part of an EP with an undecided release date.

    Tell us something about your track Hottavikhagen!
    Hottavikhagen is the name of the street where I lived as a kid and is a part of a collection of songs inspired by the place I grew up at the west coast of Norway. The song was actually written several years ago to be used in one of my indie-projects, but were never finished as I could not find a good vocal melody to it. When I started writing piano music I made this piano arrangement for it, and it just made much more sense in this form. 

    Thank you for this Sveinung!

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    Spotted: Yuri Vinogradov – Imperfect Monochrome

    Today I’m introducing you to the track Imperfect Monochrome by the Russian composer Yuri Vinigradov, living in Reutov. Yuri began his music studies at the age of 14 with a private teacher, and soon after started working on improvisations and making own compositions.

    The track was released on the album When the stars bloom which was released late June of 2020.

    Tell us something about your track Imperfect Monochrome!
    This track is a totally improvised piece, a free improvisation. So I haven’t had any ideas or images in my mind before recording the music. It’s a development of my own aesthetics that I call abstract impressionism – modern version of old piano classics like works of Ravel and Debussy. I have strong associations with play of water or lights and shadows when I listen to this piece though. I believe that music isn’t a language of images or emotions. It develops its own pure musical ideas – and so it  is in this track.

    Thank you very much for sharing this track with us Yuri!

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