Spotted: 86plot – Identity

Spotted: 86plot – Identity

Today I’m introducing you to the song Identity by 86Plot, a.k.a. Bob Benson from Iowa in the United States. The album Identity crisis by 86Plot is not a neo classical nor ambient album. The genres varies a lot throughout the album, but the song called Identity is definitely a beautiful piano tune.

I strive to push the boundaries of traditional genres and blend elements of cinematic scores and experimental compositions with conscious hip-hop and commercial pop.

Bob Benson

Tell us something about your track Identity!
Identity is the only instrumental on Identity Crisis, and is intended to be an introspective breath of fresh air following the heavy thematic content of the other tracks preceding it on the album. There were many thoughts that could only be conveyed lyrically, but I find as much (if not more) pleasure composing instrumental music — I’ve always felt that it inherently enables the listener to connect with art on a deeper, intimate level. 

Identity actually started out as a random session in Propellerhead Reason, which is typically used for electronic music production, but I enjoy using it to sketch out musical ideas. One feature in Reason allows you to conform notes to a specific scale, a limitation that I found ironically liberating while experimenting with what became the primary chord structure of this piece. It ultimately opens up and ventures into a more free-form arrangement, and in retrospect it’s a fine example of how integrating technology into our creative processes, even solo or minimalist compositions, can be a huge inspiration and lead us in directions we may not have otherwise found.

Thank you for this wonderful song Bob! It’s interesting to hear about another way to compose piano music than the traditional one I think most people use.

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