Spotted: Aaron Wade – Tomorrow’s song

Spotted: Aaron Wade – Tomorrow’s song

Today Iä’m introducing you to the song Tomorrow’s song by the American composer and piano player Aaron Wade. Aaron is not only a musician but also a computer science and psychology student at Yale University.

Tomorrow’s song was released as a single on the 30th of September, 2020, but will also be featured on an upcoming EP.

Tell us something about your track Tomorrow’s song!
“Tomorrow’s Song” is a minimalist piano piece that tells the story of a composer suffering from dementia—each day, he composes the exact same song, only to forget the entire experience the next day. The harmonic and melodic structure of the piece are meant to depict the duality of the man’s situation: on one hand, a sort of melancholy (i.e., being hopelessly trapped in a never-ending cycle); on the other, a beautiful and fulfilling journey (i.e., the process of creation) made infinite.

Thank you for the music Aaron!

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