Spotted: Ahren – Continuum

Spotted: Ahren – Continuum

Today I’m introducing you to Ahren Merz, a composer from Switzerland. He started out with electronic dance music about seven years ago and then moved on to more acoustic/orchestral music; which is what we hear on his track Continuum.

My goal is to express myself on an emotional level and take listener’s on a journey with every piece of music.

Continuum was released as a single in may 2019.

Tell us something about your track Continuum!
The story behind the track is following: “Continuum” can be split
into 2 chapters: Chapter 1 represents a child-like, innocent view of
the world which eventually matures and transitions to chapter 2. This
chapter captures an experienced, mature state of mind. The arrangement
in my compositions is usually undefined up to 70% of completion. At
this point I think about the story I want to tell with the
composition. This is where all ideas come together and form the big
picture. I also like to show my compositions to friends with little to
no musical background and see their emotional response to it as final
test. If the response is another than what I was aiming for it’s back
to the drawing board.

Thank you for this Ahren!

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