Spotted: Aija Alsina – I Hope You Live

Today I’m introducing you to the Latvian composer and piano player Aija Alsina and her track I Hope You Live. Aija comes fram Riga and has played the piano since the age of six. Aside from playing the piano; Aija has also played the bass guitar in several indie- and rock bands! Currently Aija is focusing on modern classical composition work for film, commercial and standalone releases.

The track I Hope You Live is the first single from the upcoming album Creation to be released later in 2021. 

Tell us something about your track I Hope You Live!
“I Hope You Live” is the first single and also the track that opens the whole album (and closes too, but an EDIT version of it), thus following a journey from the moment you find out you are expecting, until the day you meet your little one. It is difficult to separate one composition from the rest of the album, as the whole is based on a very personal experience. Like never before, after becoming a mother myself, I have become sensitive and emotional towards all the child-related pain in the world. “I Hope You Live” therefore is the composition that best conveys my worries and hopes, and is dedicated to all the women who struggle to become mothers, to every lost unborn or born child, and to every unloved child. My heart goes out to them. 

Thank you very much for this Aija!

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