Spotted: Alaskan Tapes – Lift Me (Somehow)

Spotted: Alaskan Tapes – Lift Me (Somehow)

Today I’m introducing you to Brady Kendall and his project Alaskan Tapes. Brady is a composer from Toronto, Canada and has been making ambient music using the name Alaskan Tapes for about five years. Mostly he’s making music in the box with a mix of acoustic instruments like piano, cello, viola, guitar, and harmonium.

The track Lift me (Somehow) is taken from the album Views From Sixteen Stories which was released on September the 19th.

Tell us something about your track Lift me (Somehow)!
“Lift Me (somehow)” was composed and recorded on my home piano (Which also is the piano that’s used on all my tracks). It was included on the album to separate the two sides of the album, mostly for vinyl, but I also like to have that separation for digital albums, and solo piano seems to be a perfect palette cleanser. Like most of my solo piano compositions, I start from one of my earlier recordings, in this case “Places” which was included on my last album “You Were Always An Island”, and I change it around enough to make it into a new track, changing tempo, structure, key, ect.. It’s a lot easier to compose this way, since then you don’t have the pressure to start from nothing.

Thank you Brady!

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