Spotted: Alejandro Narés – Junio

Today I’m presenting you to the composer and piano player Alejandro Narés and his track Junio. Alejandro is from Barcelona and started composing his own songs in his teens.

The track Junio was released as a single on the 28th of April, 2021 and will also be featured on the album Fiurana.

Tell us something about your track Junio!
Junio is part of my upcoming and debut album Fiurana. I had the pleasure to record it on a grand piano and I absolutely love the sound and color of it. Junio is probably one of the simplest compositions in the album but also one of my favourites. Sometimes I get caught up composing complex ideas and I forget how powerful simplicity is. This track taught me that simplicity is really cool!. The main idea of the track is the melody appearing in the minute 2:22. Everything that happens before, is me trying to arrive there patiently, balancing repetition and change. 

Thank you very much Alejandro!

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