Spotted: Anders Wiking – Tsumluj

Today I’m presenting you to the latest track by guitarist Anders Wiking. I usually avoid posting about non-piano music, but since Anders is a great friend of mine (and I am releasing this song with my label) I wanted to post about it anyway.

The track Tsumluj will be available on Anders album Pseudopoesi which will be released on the 6th of may, but is right now out as a single.

Tell us something about your track Tsumluj!
The tracks name “Tusmluj” is just my favorite drink Julmust spelled backwards, i was drinking it while writing the song. The song in itself is just something i started playing without any ambition of writing a new song, but i liked the opening melodi and just kept adding parts, just like that i had a brand new instrumental. Thats pretty much it!

More information about Anders and his music can be found here:
Instagram / Facebook / Spotify

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