Spotted: André Luiz Machado and Manos Charalabopoulos – Sonnet

Spotted: André Luiz Machado and Manos Charalabopoulos – Sonnet

Today I’m introducing you to the two composers André Luiz Machado (from Brazil) and Manos Charalabopoulos (from Greece/UK).

Manos grew up in a musical family and was tought how to play the piano by his father. He wrote my first piece on sports camp when he was twelve. Andre started out as a guitar player when he was ten, and then moved on to the piano at 15, and wrote his first classical piece at the age of 18.

The track Sonnet was released on the album Espelho Duplo – Double Mirror (Works for Piano Solo) which was released in December of 2019.

Tell us something about your track Sonnet!
MANOS: First recorded this on a midi keyboard balanced precariously on a bedside table or an ironing board or something  like that in André’s dorm while we were studying in Bristol. This is where it all began! On the lovely German Steinway we used for the album, however, I discovered the beauty of playing with the transparency of the layers in the second half, like an eye drawn to different depths of an image.

ANDREThe music was written as part of the score for a lovely short-film also called Sonnet, which was directed by Akma Shadilla and inspired by Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18. Originally, this composition started as a counterpoint to the reciting of the poem interpreted on the film by the actress. I remember calling Manos and inviting him to record for this short film in which no budget we had at all, and the whole score was produced in my dorm in Bristol. Very rewarding to have this album greatly produced now and this song played on this beautiful sounding German Steinway.

Thanks for sending me the song!

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