Spotted: Andrew Sloman – Yoaké

Spotted: Andrew Sloman – Yoaké

Today I’m presenting you with the latest track, Yoaké, by the British singer songwriter, multi instrumentalist and composer Andrew Sloman. Andrew is originally from England but is now living and working in Tokyo, Japan. He has been playing the piano since the age of eight and has sung and played the guitar in different band as a teenager.

The track Yoaké is taken from the EP with the same name, which came out on September 14th of 2020.

Tell us something about your track Yoaké!
The song Yoakè (meaning Breaking Dawn in Japanese) is a composition of rebirth and awakening. It symbolises leaving a past struggle behind and flourishing towards a bright new future becoming the best that one can be. I recorded it in my home studio in Tokyo. It’s a dedication to my mother who passed away last year. She was my biggest musical inspiration and someone I always shared my musical ideas with. In my last conversation with her before she passed away, we were listening to the piano ideas for this release in the hospital on my iphone. She told me how beautiful they were and how I must do something with them. The ideas were recorded using a digital keyboard and samples. When I returned back to Tokyo after her funeral, I decided to buy myself a real piano and record the compositions the best I could do.

Thanks so much for this Andrew!

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