Spotted: Anna Sofia Nord – Sensitive

Spotted: Anna Sofia Nord – Sensitive

Today I will introduce you to Anna Sofia Nord, composer and pianist originally from Habo, now located in Örebro Örebro, Sweden. She started playing the piano when she was around 3-4 years old.

Music has always been a big part of my life since i grew up in a musical family. I have studied music at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. 

Tell us about your song Sensitive!
Sensitive is the third, and latest release in a series of single. It is originally intended as a song för the baptism of a child. A parents love and worries about what the future might bring. But the lyrics has never been completed, so it ended up as an instrumental piece this time. 

The other two released tracks Aspiration and Safe and Calm are themes that were created and partly improvised in the moment of the recording. Inspired by the current mood. 

Thank you for sharing your wonderful music with us Anna Sofia! Please check out the links below for more information!
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