Spotted: Anna Yarbrough – Éire

Spotted: Anna Yarbrough – Éire

Today I’m introducing you to composer and piano player Anna Yarbrough, originally from Belfast in Northers Ireland, but now located in Brooklyn, New York. Her song Éire is released as a single, and came of early march.

If you recognize the cover art it might be because this, as many other releases on this site, was released by the New York label The sonder house.

Tell us something about your track Éire!
I wrote the track over the Christmas season (maybe I was feeling nostalgic) as a nod to my home. I love infusing quirky elements into my work so I wrote the opening melody with an interesting time signature, and had the piece fluctuate between major/minor resolutions. Something about the melodic and harmonic choices felt mysterious to me, so I thought it reflected by homeland well. The cover art features a photo I took in the Mourne Mountains at Christmas in 2014.

Thank you for this beautiful piece of music Anna! And good luck with your song!

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