Spotted: Antarctic Wastelands, Dear Gravity – Refuge

Spotted: Antarctic Wastelands, Dear Gravity – Refuge

Today I’m introducing you to Antarctic Wastelands and Dear Gravity, or Mike Graff (DG) and Ben Tatlow (AW), which is what the people behind the project is called in “real life”. Mike is from America, and Ben is based in Hong Kong (but moved from Sweden just 6 months ago). Both Ben and Mike uses words as “ambient” and “cinematic” to describe their music, which sound pretty much accurate to me!

This track is the second one I post about from the Sonder House compilation Recollections Vol 3 (the first being Erik Slättbergs song All that didn’t happen). The compilation was release in the end of august of 2019. My guess is that this won’t be the last post about this compilation!

Tell us something about your track Refuge!
As a collaboration, the piece is kind of a ‘conversation’ between different elements. The main piano composition was written first by Mike (Dear Gravity) – it’s more sparse than I (Mike) typically approach a song with, but I wanted to make plenty of room for other creative ideas to flourish…  the higher piano melodies were added later by Ben, alongside the subtle backing ambiences that bring that Antarctic Wastelands-style atmosphere into the mix.

Thank you very much for this guys!

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