Spotted: Astralus – Respite

Spotted: Astralus – Respite

I present to you, the latest single by Astralus, a multi-genre composer based in Canada. It’s a beautiful piano piece with the same kind of piano sound that I myself enjoy to use on my own songs.

Tell us something about this latest release of yours!
“Respite” is a solo piano composition that embodies several emotional elements. The rich tone and soft keys develop a peaceful and calming atmosphere, while the deep texture of the sound really might leave you lost in thought, or perhaps in a trance.

I recall when I made the recording, I allowed my fingers to weave together a melody that suited the mood at the time- calming peace. Together with the rich tone of the piano keys, my manifestation of respite from the busy, chaotic city life developed into a piano piece.

It is very calming, indeed! Thank you Astralus for sharing Respite with us!

Also check out Astralus on Twitter, Instagram and of course Spotify.