Spotted: Aymen Gannouni – Mirage

Spotted: Aymen Gannouni – Mirage

Today I’m introducing you to German composer Aymen Gannouni located in Aachen. Aymen bought his first piano in 2014, and has since then taught himself how to use it. And what I’m introducing you to today is Aymens very first song, ever!

The song Mirage was released as a single in the beginning of July of 2019.

Tell us something about your track Mirage!
Mirage is my first single. It was released on 11th of July. For me, Mirage, is a phenomenon that stretches beyond nature to reveal how our expectations sometimes can be very far from the truth. I have been working on the single for ten months. Everytime I was improvising on the piano I was recording short samples of 20 to 30 seconds. At some point, I started combining theses samples to build up a theme and finally the composition.

Thank you for this tune Aymen! I hope there’s more coming!

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