Spotted: Ben Wilkins – Left by the Little Door

Spotted: Ben Wilkins – Left by the Little Door

Today I’m introducing you to Canadian composer and pianist Ben Wilkins from Ontario now located in Los Angles where he works as a producer. While majoring in classical trumpet, Ben spent most night in the piano studios, where he had to sneak in to write songs after hours.

He has just released a collection of solo piano compositions in 2019 and is working on his third solo studio album where the song Left by the Little Door is taken from.

Tell us something about your song Left by the Little Door!
I wrote Left by the Little Door with a self-imposed compositional puzzle. I wanted to write a piece with driving arpeggiated harmony that descends down all twelve notes of the chromatic scale in order (without it being terribly obvious) while still being able to support a lyrical melody above the harmonic foundation. As such it feels it is never quite completely centered, always wandering, and finally resolving back at its starting point, one octave lower that it began. I wrote it all by hand with a pencil and staff paper at the piano. 

Thanks for this Ben!

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