Spotted: CEEYS – Reunion

Spotted: CEEYS – Reunion

Today I’m introducing you to the track Reunion by “The Selke Brothers” or CEEYS which is the name they uses when releasing music. The brothers are in real life Sebastian, on the cello and Daniel on the piano.

Our music is about the buildings that surrounded us in our childhood, growing up on the streets of East Berlin. Walls, or WÆNDE in German, have shaped us from the very day we were born – both historically and musically.

In our childhood, in our Hellersdorf prefab building, we could hear each other practise our instruments though the paper thin walls of our bedrooms – same was true for the neighbours above and below us. So in these times of walls, they kept on knocking – not exactly with musicality but with passion – in their very own rhythm onto radiators, their apartment floors or the ceiling.In our releases, we are trying to come to terms with our memories, impressions and feelings regarding Europe’s largest prefab estate back in those historically and emotionally charged times. 

The track Reunion is taken from the album HAUSMUSIK which was released on the 9th of October, 2020.

Tell us something about the track Reunion!
REUNION is inspired by the song “Union“, included on our previous album, WÆNDE. If one also connects a “reunion” with the re-forming of a previously separated music group, we remember the reunification of the two German states 30 years ago. To this end, we have extended our title “Union” a little further.

Thank you Sebastian and Daniel for sending me this track!