Spotted: Chad Hewitt – Upside down

Spotted: Chad Hewitt – Upside down

Today I’m introducing you to Chad Hewitt and his album Upside down. I actually got sent three separate tracks from his release, and I decided to listen the the whole album instead of just these three songs. And of course I wanted to introduce you to the whole thing. Three songs would have been to little.

Chad Hewitt is an American composer and piano player from Utah. He’s been playing the piano since he was a kid, but did not learn how to play the traditional way. He is, like many others (myself included) self taught! After hearing his mom play, he sat down and tried to imitate what he just heard. Pretty impressive way of learning, and a proof of a good ear!

Playing/composing at the piano has allowed me to communicate things that I sometimes have a difficult time finding the words for.      

Tell us something about Upside down!
The album was released on January 18th of 2019.  The theme of the album is given away by the title… sometimes life, our personal circumstances, things we see, hear and experience leave us feeling like our world is “Upside Down”.  We all experience things that are hard, but there is always hope and I tried to capture that in these songs. Those with a religious background might recognize the allusion to Jesus’ Beattitudes in some of the song titles: blessed are- Those Who Mourn, The Meek, Peacemakers, etc.                   

Can you tell us something about one of the tracks from the album?
The track Uprooted is a very personal piece for me.  It’s about a specific event in my own life when, in the blink of an eye, everything changed and there was no going back.  It was a very disorienting, confusing and challenging time. With this song I wanted to try to communicate what I had experienced personally,  from moments of reflection, to self-doubt, to clarity and finally hope.    

Thank you for sharing this with us Chad! Looking forward to hear more music from you!

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