Spotted: Cheryl B. Engelhardt – Earthshine

Spotted: Cheryl B. Engelhardt – Earthshine

Today I’m introducing you to composer and songwriter Cheryl B. Engelhardt from New York in the United States. Cheryl has written music for films, ads and has also written score for about 60+ clips of College Humor (which I personally enjoy very much).

The song Earthshine will be out on February 7th, but can already be pre-ordered from Cheryls Bandcamp page; so please go ahead and pre-order!

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Tell us something about your song Earthshine!
This song is special – I wrote it while at a residency in a tiny half-abandoned mountain town in Crete, Greece. The piano I had in a stone room has a beautiful sound that echoed around the stone room. There was an energy in the room as well as a peace. The song is designed to keep the mind present while finding that calm. The bells and the vocal effects, all completely organic when recorded, were altered to fill the track up, the way the space filled me up. You’ll hear low notes, those are piano strings that I plucked, altered as I edited the composition later. Everything you hear is simply a piano, a bell, or my voice. It reminds me that we are the source of our own power and our own light. Which is why the record is called “Luminary”.

Thank you for sharing this with us!

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