Spotted: Chris Gruchacz – When The Rain Speaks

Today I’m introducing you to the American composer and piano player Chris Gruchacz and his track When the Rain Speaks. Chris is based in the Pacific Northwest and is mainly making music for video games and film. However, he always makes music “on the side” and one of those tracks we will be listening to today! Chris is classical trained and has degree in music and audio production. He also plays the trumpet, guitar and bass guitar.

The track When the Rain Speaks was released as a single on November 15th, 2021.

Tell us something about your track When the Rain Speaks!
“When the Rain Speaks” was inspired by the autumn rain of the Pacific Northwest. Unlike most of my other work, I wasn’t trying to make a big statement with this one. Moreover, I wasn’t concerned with showcasing any kind of piano expertise. I don’t even consider myself a pianist – I just love the sound and versatility of the instrument. So I just wanted to compose something simple to offer my listeners a sense of peace and connection with the ever-changing world around us. 

Thank you very much for this Chris!

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