Spotted: Christine Ott & Torsten Böttcher – Nanook

Spotted: Christine Ott & Torsten Böttcher – Nanook

Today I’m introducing you to Christine Ott and Torsten Böttcher and their song Nanook. I have written before about Snowdrops, which is another constellation with Christine Ott and Mathieu Gabry. I had the opportunity to talk a bit with Christine, so I’ll be giving you an introduction to her, mostly.

Christine is a French composer and piano player from somewhere near the town Vosges. Besides from recording and releasen albums under her own name; Christine was also part of Yann Tiersen’s band for a while!

This song was released as a single but will also be featured on an upcoming album.

Tell us something about your track Nanook!
This is the main theme to “Nanook of the North”, to be so released next month on Gizeh, as part of their “Dark Peak” Series. For this effort, i decided to work with Torsten Böttcher, a famous hang drums player, who is also playing didgeridoo on this track. We composed an original soundtrack to the movie by Robert Flaherty, and we will be performing this ciné-concert again this fall in France, Belgium and Netherlands. 

For this production, i decided to work only with an acoustic instrumentarium. I’m also known to be a synth player, especially Ondes Martenot. But for this production, i was “not hearing ondes”. But something very raw, very mat, and especially focused on piano, hang and gongs. It was a challenge to marry the images of the film, and to underline its great simplicity and humanity. I think we managed to do that with Torsten…

Thank you Christine and Torsten!

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