Spotted: Christof R Davis – Momentary

Spotted: Christof R Davis – Momentary

Today I’m introducing you to Christof R Davis, a composer from Solihull (near Birmingham) in the UK. Christof makes music for film, television, stage and video games. The tracks with lack of placements eventuellt stacked up, and is being released as standalone singles and EPs.

The track Momentary is released as a single.

Tell us something about your track Momentary!
The idea behind Momentary is that it appears as a snapshot in time, a fleeting study of a particular moment. I wanted the track to feel spacious and contemplative – as though the listener is allowing their mind to wander. The track is partially improvised around a central theme which hopefully adds into that feeling of discovery. I recorded the track late at night after finishing work on a rather epic and heavily orchestrated piece of film music, so to me it represented a moment of calm reflection after the storm (well several moments actually as I have about 15 alternative takes of the track, although this was the one which I felt was the most appropriate to release and was, ironically, the first take). I always wanted the track to be very simple in orchestration – less is more – hence the choice of solo soft piano. I hope you enjoy the track! 

Thank you Christof! I am indeed enjoying this track!

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