Spotted: Common Tiger – Inventory of the night

Spotted: Common Tiger – Inventory of the night

Today I’m introducing you to Commin Tiger, a.k.a. Matthew Mahoney, an American composer and piano player based in Jacksonville, Florida. Well, Matthew is not just a composer and pianist. When I listen trough some of his work on Spotify I find music in all different genres. It’s laid back most of the times; sometimes with drums, and sometimes with vocals. But Inventory of the night is a solo piano track.

I have a pretty eclectic catalog at this point. I want to vote with my art and my name and say “It’s okay to follow the muse within yourself, let the creative force move you in real and authentic ways.” A quote by Austin Kleon sums it up nicely “Don’t worry about unity from piece to piece – what unifies all of your art is the fact that you made it.” – Austin Kleon

Something I always come back to when listening to piano music, and sometimes music in general, are those little squeaky sound that comes from the things in the room or from inside the piano. Things moving around, maybe the piano player moves around on the old squeaky chair. That makes me feel so close to the piano. It feels like I’m inte room. So intimate.

That’s how I like my piano music. And Inventory of the night fits perfectly.

So, Matthew! Tell us something about your track Inventory of the night!
Inventory of the Night was inspired by my wife and a poem she wrote. I had this simple harmony which is heard at the beginning. Had made it up then forgotten about it. My wife and I were at this odd pharmacy here in Jacksonville. The grandmother of the owner had passed away and left him this old rickety thing and he had placed it in his Healthfood/Pharmacy store. So, I was sitting there playing around and started playing the intro heard on Inventory of the Night. My wife stopped what she was doing and stared at me. She asked, “What’s that?”… and said, “Please finish this piece matt!”. So a couple months later here we are with Inventory of the Night.

Thank you for sharing this with us! Fantastic song, and a beautiful video too!

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