Spotted: Creendo – Those who cry wolf

Spotted: Creendo – Those who cry wolf

Today I’m introducing you to Tobias Ambühl, from Davos; a small town in Switzerland. Now Tobias lives in Zurich. Tobias first relationship with a piano came from kindergarten where they had a piano where he spend most of his kindergarten time. When he started school he also started taking piano lessons and have played ever since.

Two years ago he started this solo project of his, which he calls Creendo.

The track Those who cry wolf was released as a single early November of 2019.

Tell us something about your track Those who cry wolf!
What inspired me for the song “Those who cry wolf”: I was looking for a new storybook for my little son, when I stumbled across the story  “The boy who cried wolf”. I found that story quite dark and scary and it inspired me for this new song. The song actually reflects the story: The piano with the “echo-like” motive in the beginning would correspond to the boy crying wolf all the time. And when the strings start to play, that would be the part where the wolf really shows up 🙂 But this is merely a coincident, it just happened like this. 

Thank you for sharing your music with us Tobias!

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