Spotted: Dan Michaelson – Argument for Strings No.2

Spotted: Dan Michaelson – Argument for Strings No.2

Today I’m introducing you to Brittisk composer Daniel Michaelson from London and his very interesting tune Argument for Strings No.2. Dan has worked as a composer for TV and films for 20 years and has (as he describes it himself) a “slightly unusual singing voice”. Oh well, you can hear that too by pressing the Spotify link below.

The song is part of an EP called Argument for Strings, which consists of four songs (number 2, 5, 3 and 10 in that order) and was released in the beginning of July of 2019.

The recording is catching you attention right away, so… don’t wait. Just listen before you read the rest!

Tell us something about your track Argument for Strings No.2!
The track features a bell I found in Scotland. It was a strange bell that didn’t ring out, the sound stopped immediately after it was struck. I recorded it to take home and add to this track. I recorded the track in London with some of my favourite musicians working today. I’d seen them performing a lot of amazing pieces around town… John Luther Adams,  Claire M Singer, Phillip Glass amongst others, and eventually persuaded them to play my music!

Thank you for the music Dan!

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