Spotted: Daniel Blacksmith – Química

Spotted: Daniel Blacksmith – Química

I’m always a bit frighted when the first thing I hear in a submission is a guitar. But I always listen through the entire song, even if I later decide to decline it. This time, however, I’m more than happy to introduce you to Spanish composer Daniel Herrera Torres a.k.a. Daniel Blacksmith and his song Química.

As the song evolves a lot of different instruments take a chance to introduce themself. Guitar and strings first, but then comes the piano and the circle is complete.

Química is released on the EP Química y Contexto: Destino which is Daniels debut.

Tell us something about your song Química!
I recorded and mixed the full album at my own studio. I recorded and delete the classical guitar of this song four times becuase I could not found the right sound. I had to changed the guitar, the microphone and my nails shape to found it. You can see that to be audio engineer, producer and musician at the same time is not a good idea. 

The full album is composed following the same process: First I think and write about the main concept. Then I use the structure of the text to create the song’s structure, melodies and other musical staff. In other words, I try to translate my reflections about a concept to music. 

Thank you for this Daniel!

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