Spotted: Daniel Hubert – Forgiving

Spotted: Daniel Hubert – Forgiving

Today I’m introducing you to the composer and piano player Daniel Hubert and the track Forgiving. Daniel lives in Salzburg in Austria. He is also a piano teacher as well as a musician in different bands.

The track Forgiving was released as a single on the 19th of February, 2021.

Tell us something about your track Forgiving!
Forgiving is is a daily practise that makes your life better.This is a very peaceful tune which grew out of an improvisation in this harmonic mood. I am practising Yoga and I really try to get in a positive mindset. Trying to forgive helps me to find healing.
The melody of the tune is both – memorable and unique.
I´m really looking forward to play it live in Concert.

Thank you very much for this Daniel!

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