Spotted: Diarmuid J Kennedy – I’ve been your baby so long

Spotted: Diarmuid J Kennedy – I’ve been your baby so long

Today Im introducing you to the Irish composer and piano player Diarmuid J Kennedy and his song I’ve been your baby so long. Diarmuid was first introduced to music as a kid by his aunt Sister Evelyn; who was a teacher and (as the name indicates) a nun!

One day, she had my sisters, brothers and I singing like the Von Trapp family and literally, the next day, a piano appeared in the house.

Tell us something about your track I’ve been your baby so long!
The song “I’ve been your baby for so long” was originally written on guitar with lyrics. It is a love song with a different angle. Most songs are about love, boy meets girl…girl meets boy, they kiss… they fall in love and live happily ever after, the end!

This song, however, is about what happens in the happily after. The excitement of first love soon becomes overtaken by the necessities of running a family, you know, bills and stuff, operational matters … not very romantic! You can take people for granted. So this song’s starting point is here when every so often, once in a while, usually with a glass of wine you have a moment where you!! This person means the world to me and no matter what happens I can wait, through the thick and thin, until I have those special moments of clarity, falling in love again with them. Funny story, when I first played it at my showcase gig in January this year, in Arthur’s Jazz And Blues Club in Dublin, I put the lyrics on a projector and to my surprise, instead of quietly reading the lyrics,  the audience actually began singing the words along. They clearly knew what I was talking about!  It was a very special moment. 

Thank you very much for this Diarmuid!

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