Spotted: Dissolve in Sepia – Between Violet and Green

Spotted: Dissolve in Sepia – Between Violet and Green

Today I’m introducing you to Ramon Fassina and his project Dissolve in Sepia and the latest track Between Violet and Green. Ramon is an Brazilian composer and producer who uses synthesizer, tape loops and field recordings as main components in his music. .

Beyond Violet and Green is the closing track on Mystery Circles Compilation Vol. 1, a vinyl + digital release featuring 10 unique experimental / ambient / synth composers.

Tell us something about your track Between Violet and Green!
The track came from an improvisation I did in August 2018 – I have a lot of unfinished music sitting on my hard drive. Things that ended up not seeing the light of day for whatever reason – I stumbled on it a few days after you invited me to join in the compilation project. It was a happy accident that made me realize how important is to revisit previous ideas and put those on new perspectives. The final result is very different compared to the original track. It’s like I could see the emotional place I was at that time and rebalance those feelings to fit in this place I am now, if that makes sense. For me this track is all about life changes and vulnerability, accepting that not everything is in our control. It’s like a farewell note that reminds you that your heart is in the right place and you need to keep looking things on the bright side and everything will be fine.

Thank you Ramon for sharing this with us!

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