Spotted: Doeke – Heimwee (Homesick)

Today I’m introducing you to the track Heimwee by the dutch composer and piano player Jorn Swart and his project Doeke. Jorn moved to the USA in 2010 to pursue a masters degree in jazz piano and has lived and performed there since then.

The track Heimwee (homesick) was released on the 5th of august, 2022.

Tell us something about your track Heimwee!
Heimwee (Homesick),” describes missing home. It’s a feeling of warmth and tenderness, and also of sadness and longing. This piano composition captures the ambiguity of these moments; the delicate melody embodies the many memories, while the repetitive notes in the left hand express a sense of melancholy.

Thank you for this Jorn!

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