Spotted: Edward Delsing – Long Forgotten Dream

Spotted: Edward Delsing – Long Forgotten Dream

Today I’m presenting you to the latest track by the Dutch/Brittain born but Canada based composer and piano player Edward Delsing. His fascination of music started with his parents record collection, and at the age of two he started to play with the piano. He began giving small concerts at home for friends and family in his early high school years, and by the age of 16 he was performing on stage for larger audiences. He also started improvising and composing his own original music around this time.

The track Long forgotten dream was released as a single but will also be featured on an upcoming album with an undecided release date.

Tell us something about your track Long Forgotten Dream!
During quarantine, the time I normally spend teaching music dropped drastically. This gave me a lot more time and energy to focus on composing. Almost nothing brings me more joy than sitting down at the piano and allowing musical ideas to flow until something emerges that is worth building upon and sharing with the world. The one thing that is more gratifying is when listeners say that they appreciate the music I created – then I truly know the whole thing was worthwhile. I composed this piece, “Long Forgotten Dream,” as part of my quarantine composing journey, along with about 20 other tracks, many of which will be released on the upcoming album.

Thank you for this Edward!

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