Spotted: Elisabeth Tsung – Sebastian’s Waltz

Today I’m presenting you with the track Sebastian’s Walts by the composer and violinist Elisabeth Tsung from the United States. Elisabeth has played the violin for about 20 years and violin was the instrument of her choice at the university.

I was struggling with carpal tunnel syndrome and severe muscle strain in college, and during my last year, I got into a car accident that severely hindered my playing. As time went on, the pain got worse and eventually, I thought I had to give up playing music completely. 

After a few years of not playing anything at all, I found an old keyboard in my childhood home and started experimenting with piano. Somehow, playing the piano lessened the pain I had experienced with violin and I was able to build up a new routine. The last two years I played solely piano, and this year, with the help of an amazing physical therapist I was able to pick up the violin again. Then quarantine happened in the US, and I started experimenting with composing my own music. That’s where this project begins. 

Tell us something about your track Sebastian’s Waltz!
Sebastian’s Waltz was created with the idea of children dancing somewhere in the universe, and that’s what this piece is about. The triplets give it its waltz quality, although the piece was written in 4/4. I recorded each part separately and then layered them together in the recording studio.  

Thank you for this Elisabeth!

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