Spotted: Elliot Cole & David Kaplan – Five Easy Pieces: V. Berceuse

Today I’m introducing you to the composer Elliot Cole from Texas, now located in New York in the United States. Elliot grew up taking piano lessons, singing in choirs and playing in different bands. In college he got more serious with hos composing and now writes music for performance, produce records and tech composition at Juliard and The New School.

The track Five Easy Pieces: V. Berceuse was released as a single on the 16th of august, 2021.

Tell us something about your track Five Easy Pieces: V. Berceuse!
This track is part of an EP of piano music called Five Easy Pieces, performed by the amazing David Kaplan.  And that’s exactly what they are — 5 pieces, simple on the surface, but deep underneath.  It was just released this month. Berceuse means lullaby.  I love the rocking sway of this one, and the strangeness mixed in with the sweetness, as if you have one foot being pulled into dreamland.

Thanks for this Elliot!

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