Spotted: Evan Wise – For Jordy

Today I’m introducing you to the track For Jordy by the American composer and piano player Evan Wise. Evan comes from a small town in Texas with just 400 citizens and fought hard to go to the university where he could study music. He now lives in Los Angeles and writes music for television and movies.

The track For Jordy was released on June 2nd of 2021.

Tell us something about your track For Jordy!
My latest release For Jordy is a love letter to my daughter Jordy who is due in September of 2021. I am extremely excited to become a father and I wrote this piece thinking about sharing it with her as she grows up. I muted the piano by draping a baby blanket over the strings and the result was a lovely warm lush sound. I also extended the use of the damper pedal to create some more interesting atmospheric sounds once I heard how clear the recording was becoming, although I have gotten some criticism for the ambience. But as traditional as my music can be I like to include an off kilter element because it reflects my personality and is poetic to my philosophical beliefs.

Thank you very much for this Evan!

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