Spotted: Fabio di Biase – Oceano

Spotted: Fabio di Biase – Oceano

Today I’m introducing you to Fabio di Biase, and Italian composer and pianist from the small town of Foggia. He grew up in a family filled with music, and on their long car trips during his childhood; music was always part of the journey.

My music is influenced by many genres, from jazz to pop, to movie soundtracks.

Fabio di Biase

This track, called Oceano, is part of a recording session held in November 2018. The first single, called Favola, was released last year. Both single was produced in search of a “muffled” sound on the piano.

Tells us something about your track Oceano!
Oceano is a tribute to the beauties of nature that hide the oceans. It was born with the idea of writing something very sincere and direct. There is an arpeggio with the left hand that wants to recall the swaying of the waves in the middle of the sea, that feeling of calm, that peace that can give you a blue expanse. But Oceano is also my cry of sorrow for all the sufferings that the whales have suffered (and unfortunately they will continue to suffer). So special creatures, with their sinuous swim, convey a feeling of wisdom and serenity. We are destroying their habitat. Perhaps not everyone knows that there are few places in the world where whales can swim undisturbed and far from the murderous madness of us being human.

I remember with pleasure that during the recording of Oceano, the owners of the recording studio told me that I could choose how to light the room, I could turn on or off the soft lights coming from the lights following my tastes. It is one of the many ways to put at ease a musician who is about to record. It is certainly served to me, it is one of the rare cases in which only two takes were enough.

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