Spotted: Felipe Malaquias – For Now I Am Winter

Spotted: Felipe Malaquias – For Now I Am Winter

Today I’m introducing you to the track For now I am winter by the Brazilian composer and piano player Felipe Malaquias. Felipe comes from São Paulo but is now located in Berlin, Germany. Felipe works as an electrical engineer but music has always been his passion. He started playing with keyboards at the age of 12 and at the end of 2019 he began making his own songs.

The track For Now I Am Winter is part of his debut album called “2020″ which was released on 12th of February, 2021.

Tell us something about your track For now I am winter!
2020 was a very tough year for everyone of course, and just like me, many people were confronted with the real meaning of relationships, social contact and life in general. The sequence of the tracks is in the exact order the songs were written, and here it goes why “For Now I Am Winter” is more special than the others for me. It was somehow the turning point to me when I started to sober up from my own feelings and realize we as human beings can only do so much about the events in our lives, but despite of that, it’s up to us to make peace with ourselves and move on constructing the path we want to follow in our lives. “For Now I Am Winter” title was inspired by Oláfur works, which I am a big fan of, but more than that, it represents for me “the feeling of not feeling”, just like bare hands exposed in a winter day. It is a simple but sorb and serene song, which chord progression expresses the ups and downs of life.

Thank you for this Felipe!

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